Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Brians fan club

Every single holiday since I can remember my German grandparents have made us cookies and given each one of us a treat bag.

That is ALOT of work and sometimes I seriously wonder how my grandma manages to do it all. There are alot of us to do it for too.

When my grandpa had a stroke two years ago, her life seriously changed. She went from having a much easier carefree life to being his caregiver 24/7.

After all of that happened she didn't give up her holiday tradition of handing out her trademark treats.

This valentines day we were touched to see we got our goodies from her and as I was looking them over something caught my eye.

Did you catch the part where she said she loved me and then proceeded to tell Brian she loved him "tons?"

What am I? Chopped liver?! :) We had a pretty good laugh over that one. . .

Brian always talks about how much he admires my grandparents and looks up to them. It fills my heart with joy to know the feeling is mutual :)
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