Thursday, March 11, 2010

{ Be my guest }

From the moment I was little, I dreamed about having my own house, and making it beautiful. I just never knew how hard it would be and how long it would take!

So when I met Brian, and we got married and he already had a house all I needed was his permission and he gave that up pretty easily! :)

And the next thing I was most excited about was having a guest room for friends and family to come stay in, since we live kinda far from everyone else!

So I started. We picked the bedroom across from ours and painted it red. REALLY RED!

I decided I wanted it to be a vintage inspired room so I started collecting vintage frames and objects from thrift stores and refinishing them! Designing on a budget!

Then we started collecting things on sale and at a really cheap price. We bought the rug for 6 dollars on sale at walmart, and lots of the decorations came from hobby lobby at 50 percent off! Can't beat that!

The desk started off so cute and elegant, but when I got a sewing machine from Karen (mom in law :) for Christmas I traded pretty for functionality! Plus I use it all the time!

This candleabra was an ugly green bronze color so I painted it black and added candles. The candleabra is SO vintage so I have lots of them in the room! Cheap too! $2.75 for all!

The room was really coming together and really personalized too! These pearl letters I found at michels in the dollar bin and would be adorable for a little girls room! B for Bunker! lol. . .

Then, I decided this dressy room would not be complete without a chandelier!

But most of the ones I found online were over $350 and I was trying to design on a budget so that wasn't going to work!

After reading many how to's I decided I would refurbish a vintage chandelier and hang it in the bedroom.

I found this beauty for 8 dollars at deseret industries! Can you see the layers of gunk and dust!!?!? LOOK CLOSELY! ICK! I think I see a dead moth!

It took loads of work, but I cleaned it, polished it, sanded it, tightened it and then primed it with white.

This isn't the same chandelier, I didn't get a picture of the one I was working on before I finished it! Too eager I guess! But this is to show the primer!

And after primer had bonded for 48 hours then I sprayed it black with a mixture of matte and satin so that it wouldn't be too shiny or too flat! I was going for an aged rod iron look. . .

It took three coats to get everything done and then it dried in my backyard hanging from a tree for a couple days. I found some crystals I attached with thin wire from home depot and WALLAH!!

What do you think?!?! Pretty neat huh?

We had to tweak the wire a bit to hang it and get all the lights to work, So before you buy a vintage light ask them to test it first. I didn't so I am lucky I have a father who is multitalented!

This completes the room I think and these pics do not do it justice! Everytime someone sees the room in person and turns on the light I hear WOW!

This room to decorate, paint included was under $200. That obviously doesn't include the bedspread, curtains, or the furniture from my childhood, but everything else, yep.

Pillows, sheets, shelves, paint, photos, vases, candles, figurines, rugs, iron works, ALL!

Economy Friendly!!!

To decorate a room and give it the best makeover for your buck, I would. . .

* Give it some fresh paint. Paint is the cheapest way to redo a room! Around $18 a can!
* Start looking everywhere for decor, ON SALE!!! It can be done! Collect slowly. . .
* Buy vintage and refurbish, it will save you loads and give your decor some character!
* Find a look you love and stick with it!
* Be patient. Sometimes you will not find what you are looking for! I looked for a chandelier for over a year!, But saved hundreds!!!

I love this room so much now! And I love having a pretty room for guests to stay in. . .

I hope your inspired!!!!

Love Linds!

Now I can't wait to do a nursery! :) Someday. . .

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