Wednesday, November 18, 2009

{ Halloween makeover }

I have always loved makeup and dressing up and costumes. This year since I didn't dress up for halloween night I decided to put all my efforts into Ty and Court and their costumes.

Court decided to be the infamous "Harley Quinn" from the Batman Comics. Here is the picture we had to work with.

Court located a costume from her friends little brother and it looked awesome!

But we decided that the makeup seemed a tad dark so we changed her lipstick to red, and put on some amazingly huge eyelashes to create her look! Plus tons of facepaint in black and white!

Pretty cool huh? Even dressed as a psychotic lady clown she is still beautiful! I love her overdrawn red lips! She looks glamourous!

For Ty's costume I could have shot him. He decided the NIGHT BEFORE that he wanted to be Captain Jack Sparrow.

Since I LOVE the Jack Sparrow Costume, I knew it wasn't going to be easy to re-create, especially with our limited time schedule.

Oh and also, he worked the entire day, so it was up to me to find the costume without spending a gazillion dollars!

I braided some of my old hair extensions and added beads, we got him some clothes, he borrowed Brians boots and we had his costume.


After LAYERS of bronzer, black and brown eyeliner, brown eyeshadow, concealer, and a fake moustache we have a rendition of the deppster!

Pretty good eh? I wish I could take ALL the credit, but he does have a similar bone structure that made it pretty manageable to fake! I was excited with the end result and so was Ty!

He kept looking in the mirror saying, "WOW, it looks SO real!!!"

Here is a full body! I loved his costume!

And apparently he was the hit of the party.

Thanks kiddies for letting me help you get ready for halloween this year! It was super fun. But next time I will be requiring a tad more notice :) . . . whew!

I sure do love you two hooligans.

Friday, November 13, 2009


So I have never really been the Halloween type before. I am all for the free candy around the neighborhood and the cute little kids in their costumes, but I have other holidays that I am more fond of.

But my favorite halloween Tradition is Odyssey Dance Company's production of Thriller. I have been every single year since high school, and I don't ever see myself stopping! :)

The dancers are SO talented and I love how they have put things together! If you have never been you ARE MISSING OUT!!!

Well, this year, Brian and I took Court and Ty out for a night of fun, food, good company :) and dance!

We went to the Pie in Salt Lake for dinner. If you haven't had their pizza you need too!

It is also a really fun atmosphere too! In the basement of an old pharmacy with graffiti on the walls and pictures of famous peeps!

Court and I waiting in line trying to act all posh!

Cute Ty and Brian!!!

Sister Sister!!! I love courty!

Done eating our amazing pizza and ready to go see some dancing!!! Conviently the pie is across the street from Kingsbury hall where Thriller plays! I may or may not have planned that :)

Outside the theatre they have the dancers, who look like zombies, walking around to scare the people coming to the show. They look pretty real!

We asked this girl to pose with us for a picture. I guess brian didn't get the DON'T SMILE and do something creepy or mysterious memo! lol

Inside and ready to go!!!

Happy Halloween!!!

The lights turned out and the show is starting!!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!

It was amazing, funny, and morbid all at the same time! It is definately a really cool show with creepy special effects and halloween themed dances. I wouldn't take the little ones, but it is a super fun way to get ready for the halloween holiday!

Maybe we will see you there next year!

If you dare. . .

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mama Mia!!!

This firecracker down below is my MOM and at the end of October it was her birthday!!

I didn't have a chance to properly honor her on my blog so here it is! A cause for celebration!!!
And of course, I can't do a birthday post without some reasons. . .

If we have ever hung out and you have wondered where it is that I get my crazy outgoing personality look no further my friends! It is ALL genetic. I never REALLY had a chance you know. . . heck, that is practically me with dark hair!!!

My mom is Queen of grand caretakers! She is first class at caring and has taken such good care of us little stinkers our whole lives! I think I will be very fortunate if I even have a fraction of her talent! She was meant to be a mother. . .

I blame her for my love of clothes and fashion. . . She has always known how to put stuff together so well. To her clothes and house, decorating and crafts. She is one talented chicken!

And I blame her for turning into such a huge snuggle bunny! Everytime we sit close to one another she says, "Let's Snuggle", while she starts to hold your arm and put her head on your shoulder!
She is just so dang cute! I love her little touches to everything that make it special. . .

She is an amazing mom and I credit her to most of my successes in life. She has always pushed us towards achievement. And I know that nothing makes her happier than seeing us do well!!!

She has created some good lookin babies! With the help of my dad. I guess he deserves SOME credit :)

Happy Belated Mommy!

You are the best mom a girl could ask for!

Love you!

XOXO Linds

Monday, November 9, 2009

Piggie Flu. . .

Hello all,

I don't think that since I have had this blog one month has gone by without a post until now!

It all started when I got the swine flu (gross!) and just gone downhill from there! For those of you that have had it, it pretty much knocks the life out of you for a few weeks. I still am not sure I am 100% recovered yet.

BUT!!!. . .

I have SO much to tell! Lots has gone by that I can't wait to blog about! So STAY TUNED and I hope all of you are having a beautiful fall!

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