Monday, June 29, 2009

WhAt Is yOuR pRobLeM?!?!?!

I have a new hobby. . . Well, it is sort of new. . .

I love decorating my house!!!! <3>i do i do i do!!! But lately my style has changed a little bit.
I am sooooo in love with vintage beauty!!!

{problem}. . . you can buy new stuff for ridiculous prices that looks vintage, or. . . you can buy vintage and update with new paint, etc. . . for a fabulous look!
I opt for the latter suggestion. . .

SO. . . i have been going to thrift stores to look for these lovlies and I have had lots of Luck!

funny story from last week. . .
Friends. . . meet the cranky thrift store lady. . .

{me} : at the cash register. . . "Hi, how are you today?!"

[lady]: silence and awful staring. . .

Methinks she is deaf? You never know!

{me} : It is lovely outside today, don't you think?!? I am so glad it isn't raining today! i am really trying here.

[lady]: silence and more awful staring. . .

{me} : I'm sorry, did you hear me?

[lady] : yeah. . . . sure did.

{me}: oh. Ok then. . .

Now she is full on glaring at me. I had to turn around to make sure that it was me she was glaring at. Now I am a little curious. . .

{me} : Um, is there a problem? Have I done something to offend you?

[lady] : scans me up and down, then snorts. "People like YOU shouldn't shop here"... glare...glare...glare

I am a little shocked at this point, but also very intrigued.

{me}: When you say "People like me" what are you referring ----

[lady]: interrrupts me "rich people, fancy people, people like YOU. . ."

"I am wondering what is taking her so freaking long to bag a couple of small items!"

{me}: Well I don't see what the big deal is? you sell stuff, and I am here to buy stuff. . . Anyone can shop here, and on a side note, I am not rich. . . If I was rich would know it :), then I smile.

[lady]: glares more, resembles satan, fire flames from eyes, horns grow, evil grin emerges, "still, YOU PEOPLE shouldn't shop here, this store is for poor folk who don't have money and I don't think the person owning this store wouldn't be all too happy to know that it is filled with people like you that could just buy from a nice store like sears. . .

{ME}: WELL, I don't think that the owner of this store wants nasty people working here either. . . so. . PEOPLE LIKE YOU, shouldn't work here. I always thought of people that worked in thrift stores should be nice to uplift those "poor folk" that are out on their luck.

I am thinking to myself. . . At least I am a nice person. . . YOUR'E the one that DOESN'T BELONG . . .

I grabbed my bags and left for the parking lot before her little mouth could rattle off any more meanness.

Driving home, I really wanted to call her manager and tell him what a crazy person she was. But then I got to thinking. . .

what had Happened to her, to make her so mean and unfriendly?

did she have anyone to love her?

maybe that job is all she has. . . :(

I decided to go easy on her and pray instead of tattle on her horrid behavior. . .

today I was a little weary of going back, but no old lady half my height is gonna keep me from my hobby. . .

I found some candlesticks, and my grand total came to a dollar. I made sure to get in her line again. . . Hoping she would not act the same.

I looked at her and smiled.

"How is your day going so far?"

[Lady] : It's good. . . how is yours? little timid smile :)

{me} : Oh, you know. . . Typical monday. . . I wish it was still the weekend don't you?

[Lady] : yeah, that would be nice.




{me}: do you remeber me ?

[Lady] : yes mam, I do. Have a nice day, hands me my bag, And thanks for shopping with us. Here is an ad for next time. . .

{ME}: Thank you so much! I will, have a nice day yourself, followed by the biggest grin I could manage without looking like a creeper. . .

!!! {VICTORY} !!!


lOVE ME!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

{ Happy fathers day to the many fathers in my life }

Happy Fathers Day to all the Wonderful dads in my life. . .

I have always known how important fathers are, but now that I am married, and seeing a different perspective, I am more aware of the effects of good fathering. . . So here are my four fathers and a reason or two why they have stolen my heart. . .

Daddy! I am still my fathers little princess. He still calls me to see if I have changed my oil lately or if I have rotated my tires :) He hugs me so tightly every time I leave to go home, and tells me how much he loves it when I come over. My dad believed in me from such an early age and always encouraged me to reach for the stars. To this day when I have a doubt about myself I talk to him. I love you daddy, so much. Thanks for always being my prince charming when we would play snow white, and kissing me on the cheek to wake me up. . . and for sharing your chocolate :)

MERRILL BUNKER!!!! This is my new dad Merrill. Since I met Brian, I have had so many neat conversations with Merrill. He is incredibly smart and is always interested in what I am doing. He took lots of time out of his spring to help Brian and I with yardwork, and when I told him that I wished I could have a garden this year, he started pulling weeds out of the ground and said, Ok, well let's do it right now! He has accepted me into his family and I feel so loved from him. I can see why Brian turned out so great and I love that he has Merrill as an example of a good father. . . I can't wait for him to be a grandad to our kids as well.

Poppy! My moms father is Poppy to all of us! He is so full of love and adoration for all of us grandkids. He tells me all the time that his grandkids matter the most! My mom is so important to me and she gets her assertiveness from him and I got it from her! He called me on my birthday last month and asked me if I just turned 21! lol. The way that he looks at my grandma makes me cry. He treats her like a princess and kisses her all the time! He talks to me in this little voice that he used to talk to me as a child. He told me that no matter how big I get I will always be his little linny. I will pop. . . and I love you higher than the sky too.

This is my grandpa Siebenhaar. He is also an incredible man. I love his personality and even though he is a tough german, he never took it out on me :) This last year he suffered a really bad stroke. I was so afraid that I would lose him. As I sat in the hospital holding his hand while he was in a coma, I just kept telling him that we weren't ready to have him leave and that I loved him. He gave my hand a squeeze a couple times, even though the nurse said he couldn't hear us. He made it, and his quality of life is not so good anymore. But the one thing that I have learned from him is that it could be so much worse. He knows he is alive and has all of his family close by and that he has reason to smile. He tells me that you always have a reason to smile. . .

Thanks Dad, Merrill, Poppy and Grandpa for all you have taught me. I will always remember you. . .

I love my fathers! And I can't wait for someday, for brian to be one too!


Pray for Emily. . .

My dear sweet friend Emily just received some horrible news. She is a new mom and her husband is being deployed to baghdad for an entire year. He leaves on September 11th this year and will return around the same time next year. I told her how sorry I was and that I would keep her in my prayers. I felt like what I had to say was so inadequate. What do you say to someone who is losing the love of their life for an entire year? . . .

I have a renewed sense of thankfulness today for my husband having a job that keeps him close to me at all times and for an assurance that he will be close to my side as we have our children.
Emily, you have taught me so much today and I thank you.

Please keep Emily and her family in your thoughts tonight as you kneel in prayer.

Thank you. . .
I love all of you SO very much. . .

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Someone Special. . .

This delightful smiling face is Heidi, and she is going to hit me for posting about her but it is my blog so I do what I want :) I am a bit of a thief and I stole these off her husbands facebook so you could see her! She is very special to me and you are about to find out why. . .

The other day, I went to my yearly gyno appointment, and let's just say it was less fun than I had imagined. And I guess it is also harder to make a baby then it looks. . . no pun intended. I want a baby sometime in the near future but after hearing how it would be really hard for me to do so I wanted to jump off the imc.

Anyways, I was a sad about stuff and on top of that it had been kind of a hard week with Bentley getting super sick, not getting to see Brian as much, and super busy at work etc. I said a little prayer in the elevator asking to just have a little more help than usual and to be happy regardless.

By the time I had walked to my car, I got a call from Heidi. She said that she was thinking about me and wanted to call and see how I was doing and if she could take me to dinner that night! She doesn't know this, but I cried when I got off the phone with her. It was exactly what I needed and it made all the difference in my week. I still smile when I think about it.

Just another testimony that he does hear your prayers and is aware of you, and even though you are one in a billion, he knows who you are and is aware when you need a little help.

We went to Texas Roadhouse and stuffed ourselves with those addicting warm rolls and cinnamon butter, and caught up on life and I got to vent to her about the mishaps of the day. Heidi is such an amazing person, and I love hanging out with her. She is such a good listener and has such great advice to offer. She is so much fun and makes me laugh with her personality and humor. She is always so happy to see me and gives me the biggest hugs! She is the kind of friend that really makes you feel blessed just to know her.

I got lucky when Brian's bestie Jon married her and we have been such good friends ever since!

Thanks Heidi for being my angel this week. I sure do love you! I am also really thankful that I have so many good friends. You make my life so much sweeter!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Drumroll Please. . . !

Sunday May 10th, Mothers day, Brian and I Celebrated our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

(I would have like to post this sooner but I couldn't find any of the pics :( What you are seeing here is a very small selection. . .)

CRAZY!!!! You know it is really funny to think about being married one year! I mean, it has gone by so DANG FAST!!!

It feels like just yesterday, we were country dancing and just meeting for the first time!

The saturday before our anniversary, Brian surprised me by taking me to lagoon for the day! We had so much fun laughing and spending time together!!

Then we had dinner at melting pot (could be my new favorite restaurant:) and then we spend the night in the little america where we stayed the night we got married! It was so thoughtful and romantic of him to plan all of this on his own! I was impressed!

The next day, sunday, our anniversary, we broke open the YEAR OLD CAKE! We unfroze our Cake and it was SUPER delicious thanks to mom and dad keeping it so nicely frozen and sealed!Our wedding cake was super cute!

Doesn't it look amazing for being a year old? I must admit, I was a little scared to eat it! I mean, after a year most things would have been a mold farm!

We picked a marble cake with bavarian creme filling! Can you say heaven!!?!?! It was delish!
I had forgotten how good it was bc at our wedding the only bite we each got was the midget piece we gave each other when we cut it! I know, we got jipped!

We were having lots of fun eating and serving it and then we all looked around to see that everyone's teeth were black from the FROSTING!!!! We laughed our heads off and decided to use the black teeth as a photo op!

All in all, after one year gone and one million to go I have realized some things about marriage. . .
That I have so much more love and respect for Brian than I did a year ago. . . I know it will only continue to grow and that is an amazing thing when you think it can't get any better!

That marriage is NOT easy but TOTALLY worth every second of it!. . . And that I can't wait to see what the next years hold for us together. . .

That Brian and I are more alike than I ever could have imagined. . . When I think he may be completely confused by something I'm doing, I just look over to see him smile. He just gets me and that my friends is a feat that I didn't think was accomplishable by any man!

I love you dearest! Happy ONE YEAR!!! "belated" tee hee!

Love your crazy wife. . . .
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