Monday, February 20, 2012

{ Playing } some serious catchup

My oh my.

I realized today I haven't blogged Christmas, Halloween parties, Thanksgiving, or loads of other important life events.  Blogging used to be so easy, and now it feels like something is always happening I want to remember or keep track of.  I guess as I find time, those posts will start to filter in.  So stay tuned I suppose.

February has been very good to us so far.  Brian traveled to Seattle, and I stayed here wishing I was there to explore that beautiful city.  We had court and ty up for dinner one night, and Nan, court and I spent last Wednesday eating lunch at Nan's favorite place.

Our Saturdays have literally saved us too.  Between all the craziness during the week it is all we can do to drag ourselves out of bed Saturday mornings.  Thank heavens for Saturdays. Seriously.

But among all the chaos, all is well.  We are loving each new day and it's adventures as they appear.  We are happy and content.  Even if right now is one huge game of catch up :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy valentines day!

Valentines day is so fun.  I love it. Brian took me out for such a delicious dinner and we shared stories with each other about Valentines days past. 

He laughed as I told him of my mischievous college days and how my roommates and I used to leave random presents on peoples door steps telling them how loved they were, and that they had a "secret" admirer. 

We would obviously run away and hide and try not to burst into laughter as the confused person on the porch found our quirky little gift and tried to figure out what was going on.  

I once got caught and had to ask an old man to be my valentine as my roommates laughed hiding in his bushes. That man was like a cheetah with his walker.

Brian told me of awkward random gifts he had gotten from girls on valentines day's and we laughed and ate ourselves silly.  I sure am lucky to have a Valentine like him.  He is the best one yet :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012

{ Super } bowl sunday

Superbowl Sunday was a little hilarious this year as none of us could really decide who to root for.  After all, we are partial to Sanfran who we all hoped would make it but barely missed the ticket this time around. 

But nonetheless it is a big tradition at our house to have a fun Superbowl so we focused on the ridiculous amounts of delicious food, sidesplitting commercials, and the energy of the game.

Thanks to Ty's adorable girl who brought us this gorg cake! I think I ate most of it myself. It was THAT good.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jimmer and the Jazz

On Saturday night we went to the Jazz game against the Sacramento kings.  It was lots of fun and Brian was all excited because he got to see Jimmer play. I had heard about Jimmer but didn't really know who he was or anything { i know, big shock! } but I can now admit I am a fan too.

It was neat that even though Jimmer played for the opposing team how everyone cheered for him when he came out at the beginning and whenever he made a basket.  We cheered lots too :)

Highlights included a yummy dinner before-hand in the basement of the energy solutions arena, watching a poor guy in the audience get pelted with silly string by the jazz bear, obviously watching Jimmer play, and seeing some seriously cute girls dance, making me miss it more than ever. 

Thanks for taking me out on the town love. Also thanks to such great friends who got us the tickets because they knew Brian really wanted to go.  You are seriously the best.
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