Friday, October 31, 2008

Ode to Candy Corn

First off! Happy Halloween everyone! I have experienced a new liking to candy corn this year!

My halloween was unexpectedly fun and I wanted to share some of the highlights. Last night I was having a really hard time trying to decide what to be for halloween and it was ten at night and no luck. I could have driven to my parents house in sandy but after a twelve hour work day, driving was seeming no bueno! I went over to my sister in laws house with everyone to try to come up with something. It was then that karen, mom in law, said we should go raid her moms closet and that I should dress up as an old person!

So this morning I got quite a few random looks as I ran errands around town and picked up the catering. This woman at the counter was really old and had almost the same dress as me. When I smiled at her, I could tell what she thought about me! I guess older people don't like being mocked by us younger folk!

It was also kind of coincedental because I am the youngest person in the office and so I wanted to dress up as the oldest!

Once I arrived I realized how wrong I was. I work with a ton of really quick creative people and my costume looked not so amazing compared to theirs! Colleen and Sacha had the same Idea I did but with loads more preparation! Colleen had a walker and a catheter and a "pee bag" and was in pajamas with a fake mustache and fake eyebrows. My description does not do it justice and so the picture will!

Dusty, dressed up as a chick magnet and had a cardboard magnet with barbies all over it around his shoulders. I thought that was so creative. So he won the award for most creative costume.

I decorated the office bc our office manager is out of town and it looked really awesome! I used lots of spiderweb and gravestones, etc.

Last year I wanted to go out on halloween. I wanted to hit as many parties as I could and see as many people, and stay out late. I think it is being married that has done this to me but this year I see halloween going much differently.

I want to stay home and make a fun halloween dinner, and give out candy to trick or treaters, and then take my niece and nephew trick or treating, then fall asleep snugging with brian and bentley watching a scary movie. I have turned into a home body! I like it though. And those adorable children in their costumes make me want one! lol!

This year we didn't carve pumpkins but we painted them. I think this Chanel pumpkin is pretty cute though!

Here is another picture to give you some laughs! I swear people get so dang creative at halloween. I don't even want to know how long this took!

Anyways, we hope your halloween was as awesome as ours! Much Love!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I did it! Pictures! Well, not many but three! Thats a start right? I have to give credit to paul here at work for making it happen, I admit, it wasn't all me.

So this adorable woman at work just sent me an email labeled, I picture just for you linds! And here is what it was!

A little indication of how well my friends know me! So true! This is what my reply to brian will be the next time I want some new shoes and the next time he says I don't need them!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Random Thoughts Like Me!

Ok so, today when I woke up I had alot on my mind, and even though not alot of it is that important, i must vent!

I Love my puppy but she is KILLING ME! I get no sleep and my newly dyed dark hair matches the oh-so-lovely dark circles under my eyes! And I need a magic wand to stop her from going to the bathroom in our house! I have never smelled so much cleaner in my life! wow.

I really am not a fan of inconsiderate people. If you don't have something nice or intelligent to say, please do not say it. Hint hint to the horrible raunchy man at the chevron this morning! I wish everyone could be cream puffs.

The anticipation of my little brother coming home from his mission is unbelieveable. It is three weeks now and I wish I could fast forward to the airport! I have replayed this scene so many times in my head before and I wonder if it will be anything like I have imagined. I wonder what he will think of me being married and of my new life. I think its gonna be a little tough. Its things like this that make me wish I sometimes still lived in sandy.

This pic was taken two years ago and I love it so much because it makes me think about all the changes both of us have gone through!

THRILLER!!!!!! Friday night baby!!! With my favorite people! Brian, my sis court, mel and paul, katie and mark, and my adorable inlaws the bunkers! What could be better then first class dancing entertainment and first class company!

The economy really scares me. And Obama isn't helping my nerves. I was listenting to my mom the other day and she said that Boyd K Packer was speaking in her friends sacrement meeting, i guess they are in the same ward, and he said that around next fall a catastrophe will happen. He said that it will shock the people in this country so much that nothing in history has happened like this before! I would love to have access to his mind, and to know what the general authorities know. It would make life so much clearer.

But I kept wondering what this event would be. . . earthquake? Terrorism? Nuclear war? I dont' even want to know. But it really changed my perspective on life. I have been buying cans of food instead of new shoes, for our food storage. And storing blankets and first aid kits, and such. I just hope that when this so called catastrophe hits I will be ready. And I hope all of you will too. I have faith in the prophet and in god who is so good. I know if I listen and do as he says all will be well :)

I love my neighborhood girl julianne hough and I hope she keeps rocking it every week! So far so good! I heart dancing with the stars. :)

TTFN, ta ta for now! And I promise I will resolve the pic thing today!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Bentley the Pooch!

So... Brian has been bugging me for quite some time now about getting a dog. Ever since he met my parents dog, eddie who is a yorkie, he has decided that he wants one. I will come into the office and he will be looking up dogs online and pointing to them while saying pleeeeeze linny!
To entertain his thoughts I decided that it would be no harm to go to the pet store to look at them. JUST LOOK!

Once we held eight or so dogs, we saw a little yorkie girl puppy in the corner. She was so tiny! She weighs a pound and a half and is black and brown. As soon as both of us held her we were sold. We decided right then and there that she was ours. They bathed her for us and put a little pink bow in her hair, and we took her home! We decided to name her Bentley, like the car!

She is adorable and loves to snug us! We are avidly working on potty training her so that our house will not have to endure many more accidents! We are ready to have less sleepless nights but she is worth it! We love our little bentley, or as brian would say, Bentlesworth!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This new life. . .

It is funny being married and seeing what it is really like, compared to what people say it is like.

I think marriage is better than anyone could have ever described it as. For once, my life revolves around someone, and his life revolves around me, and we are happy :)

We have our own little jokes, traditions, habits, language and things that we share. I knew marriage would be special and would be an incredible experience but I don't think anyone could have communicated that to me the way I feel it.

I know this is sort of deep but I just feel so overwhelmed by love and happiness today that I had to get it out!

I am also extremely comforted by the fact that we are sealed together for time and eternity. He is mine, and I get to keep him :) Forever.

I love you. . .

Monday, October 6, 2008

The busiest fall yet!

Ok so I always think about fall as a lazy time of year. But I just came to the realization that this year, my fall is going to be just the opposite! My little brother comes home from his mission in like a month and then we have all his homecoming festivities. We are painting multiple rooms in our house, I am choreographing tons of dance solos, work will pick up tons etc. So much for a relaxing season! And I am starting a new kickboxing class with some of the guys at work!

Also, if any of you know how to add friends on this website let me know! I have lots but I don't know how to add their blogs! :) so frustrating! oh and how do you add pictures?
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