Monday, August 31, 2009

Always, Sometimes, Never. . .

Ok So I got this idea off of my friend Shante's Blog. You write five things for each topic and it is really fun to see all the information from different people!

I tag anyone who wants to do this!

I Always. . .
*Make Brian kiss me goodbye in the morning before he leaves the house.
*Count the number of beads on a necklace or bracelet I am wearing. It's ocd and it is hereditary!
*Turn on music and dance around the kitchen while I am cooking dinner.
*Smell candles or perfume or anything else that could smell, when I am in someones house.
*Write notes to people who inspire me or who have done something amazing for me.

I Sometimes. . .
*Snug and kiss Bentley so much that she tries to bite my nose! Little stinker!
*Wish that I lived in my cabin at bear lake. The simple life huh?
*Have so much I want to accomplish that it overwhelmes me and I have to slow down a little.
*Wish I could redo traumatic events in my past and handle them with the courage I have now.
*Wish ty and courty lived with us so that I could see them more. Growing up sucks sometimes.

I Never. . .
*Respect people who can't control their mouth, who are mean, selfish, and do not respect others.
*Go a day without drinking rediculous amounts of water.
*Take the simple pleasures in my life for granted.
*Expected to fall for someone has hard as I fell for brian. It's Bad!
*Would trade anything in my life no matter how tough it gets. . .

I Believe. . .
*Things happen for a reason and that they will always work out in the end.
*You won't be happy in life until you know who you are and can accept the good and the bad.
*Anything can be healed with a shoulder to cry on and some freshly baked cookies. . .
*That motherhood is the most precious calling on earth. I also believe in home cooked meals!
*In believing! It can really make a difference in one's life to believe in things and to hope :)

I love you all!

Love me!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Lover!

On August 5th we celebrated Brian's 27th birthday! It was a really fun day!

Our amazing friends John and Heidi called called us to go out to dinner and they treated us! How nice is that!? We love them! We decided to go to Chili's because it is all of our favorites!

We did that two for $20 deal that they have going on right now, and after we were so full! It is a really good deal! You get an appetizer, that is huge btw, and then two full size entree's and then a dessert!

We got our favorite dessert there, the white molten lava cake. If you have never had it, TRY IT!!! It is pretty incredible!!!

I brought a candle and a lighter so that we could sing Happy Birthday to our birthday boy!!!

Make a Wish!!!!

And the "After" Picture! Waste Not!!!

Then the next day my family took us out for his birthday and we went to Goodwood Barbeque in draper! It was so nice to have the family all together!

It doesn't happen very often because we are all so busy! So I think that was the best treat of all.

Happy Birthday Brian! We sure do love you! XOXO!!!

Thanks for to everyone who made it an incredible birthday for him!!! We love you guys!
Love Linds!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Fruits of Our Labors. . .

. . . Well, more like the Vegetables of our labors!

I am really excited PEOPLE!!!! Here's why!

Growing up my parents had a garden and I would help pick and eat the stuff, but now that I am officially a grown up, I have my OWN garden, my OWN veggies, and I am THRILLED!!!!

With the help of Bri's dad Merril, we successfully planted Basil, Cilantro, Chives, Roma tomatoes, Cherry tomatoes, Zuccini, Squash, Butternut Squash, Cucumbers, Jalepinos, Bell Peppers, Beans, Parsley, and Sweet Vine Tomatoes.

I picked some stuff last night and as you can see we have way more than we can eat! If any of you are hungry and are craving garden vegetables we will feed you!

It's funny what makes you happy as an adult!

Love and Veggie Tales!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bunker Family Summer Vacation

This year for Bunker Family Vacation we were so lucky to go to beautiful Seaside Oregon!

It was such a relaxing vacation and so much fun to spend time with the family!

Here are our Trip highlights!!

Our trip started out with a 14 hour road trip. Sometimes I like road trips and sometimes I dont. This time I didn't like it so much. . . But with other people driving I was ok!

This was the view from the scenic outlook! WOWZA HUH?!?! I had never been here before and I couldn't believe how beautiful it was!!!!

Most of the time It was overcast, and a couple days it was sunny! I know all of you are going to laugh reading this, but the beaches honestly looked so much like twilight!!! So misty and dark.

The houses on the beach were so adorable too! ANd lots cheaper than the ones in cali.

One day on the beach we took family pictures. I wish I had one of the whole group but I didn't have my camera that day. They all turned out so cute.

We all wore white and were barefoot. Here is a couple of Brian and I.

One day we decided to travel to Tillamook Oregon. It is the Cheese capitol of the state! It was really fun to tour the factory and see how cheese is made!

The best part was the free samples and ice cream!

Out in front of the famous factory that gets millions of visitors!!!

Brian in front of the production line. Showing his "enthusiam" for cheese :)

Doing what we do best! I think in a former life I MAY have been a farmer and Brian MAY have been a cow ?

Another day, we had a "Girls" afternoon and a "Boys" afternoon. We weren't quite sure what the boys were doing but we girls decided to go shopping and then Brian's mom Karen took us to a fancy seafood restaurant on the boardwalk.

We were sitting there waiting for out food to come out and Karen told us to walk outside and see the most hilarious thing we have ever seen in our life!

This is what we saw!!!

It was all the guys and kiddies loaded into a four man bike! It was so funny to see them all pedal in unison bouncing up and down!

Another day we went down to the beach, and it was super sunny and warm so the guys decided to rent a skimboard and give it all a try!

It was quite the sight bc they all kept falling trying to do it! That is why I wasn't doing it! I am queen of falling, and I wasn't going to take any risks here!
But at the end of the day, they all mastered it pretty well!

Brian and I on the beach!

While we were in Seaside we went downtown where they had the cutest main street in history with a cute little starfish on each lampost.

It is all the little touches that made this town so much fun and enjoyable. I was busy the whole time just looking at all the artistic touches that went into this darling place.

Our last night we had an awesome bonfire on the beach.

With the chilly sky and the warm fire, it was the perfect temperature. We all roasted marshmellows and talked about our favorite parts of the trip!

I will never forget how incredible this trip was and how beautiful oregon is. I love going to new places to see the different sights in nature.

Someday when we have little ones I would love to take them here. Thank you so much Bunkers for an amazing summer vacation! We loved every minute of it!

So long Oregon! Lets keep in touch!

Love the The Bunkers !!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Pooch is One!!!

Our yorkie pup Bentley turned one!

We got her when she was six weeks old, at the beginning of July which means not only is she one but we have had her for almost one year!

She is a lovable creature who loves attention, to be held, snuggled, and played with. I am positive that Brian loves her more than anything else in his life! :)

She also loves to get into anything you don't want her to get into. When I forget to shut the bathroom door in the morning I come home to a bathroom filled with snow! (shredded toilet paper)

A couple times I haven't been able to find her, and she has crawled into one of Brian's boots head-first and has fallen asleep. So I find a furry little bum, two paws, and a boot! Hilarious!

You should feel bad for her too. She lives SUCH a TOUGH life!

Hmm. I wonder who ate the Cake out of the Trash. Can you see the Crumbs!!!!

It's amazing that this 3 pound dog could get into so much mischief!

Happy Birthday Poochie.

We sure do love ya!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Court the Graduate!!!

At last, the third Siebenhaar child, has graduated from Good ol Alta High!!!

Courtney's graduation was SUPER fun! Here are some special pics from the event!

A kiss for the Graduate!!!

Dad, Mom and Courty!!!

Isn't this awesome!?!!?!

Court spotted this kid! I can't believe how many lei's he has around his neck!!!

The Famous "On Screen" Pic!!! She looks excited!!!

Alta High School Class of 2009! yay!!!

Maybe a tad too enthused that Court Graduated? I love my silly family! They are super cute!

Ty and Court in the dip picture! It is a tradition that whoever graduates gets a picture being dipped. We have no idea why but the pictures always turn out super cute! Aren't they Good Lookin?!?!

Goofing off outside the School! This statue was perfectly positioned for this! Hilarious!!!

Congradulations Class of 2009! Our hats off to ya!

Way to go Courtie! We know you will do awesome things in life!

Love Linds

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Juicy Couture, Oh how I love thee!

While scanning online during lunch I came across this little beauty.

Isn't it so dang adorable?

I WANT IT!!!!! But alas, there are bills to pay!!!

How about this. . . I won't even be mad if you get it for me :)


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