Thursday, September 24, 2009

Miracle Update. . .

Hello best friends! I feel so grateful and happy and there is some awesome news that I would like to let you in on!

( I don't normally share personal stuff on a blog like this, but since many of you have been SO actively involved in the process I felt inclined :)

So here is a little background for those of you that haven't heard or that wouldn't understand this story otherwise! If you already think you know you can skip the following paragraphs.

Brian has worked in the wireless industry for 6 years. When I met him he was working for a company that didn't do much for him, and was unethical.

So with a huge leap of faith, he quit his job and signed on with his current company, WA, a week before we got married. I KNOW RIGHT!?!?!

I had never heard Brian say he loved his job until he started with this new company. It made me happy to have a happy husband and to do something that paid the bills that he loved at the same time.

Then one day he came home really excited to tell me that the next position up for him would be a district manager posistion. But, he said, if I got to that point we would have to move for it. He explained that his manager, the district manager, loved his job too and would never leave so if we wanted the promotion, if it was ever offered, we would have to move to a new district out of state.

I was happy and so miserable at the same time. I mean, how could I leave the life I had established and now loved SO MUCH? I was very upset for some time.

Brian remained a very hard worker, with promotions in mind, and I remained VERY prayerful that the right thing could happen for us.

He was given the go ahead from his boss to start applying around the country. We watched district after district open up and passing on each one.

It just didn't seem right and didn't feel right even though we knew this company is where we were supposed to be.

Several months went by and lots of prayers, and thoughts, and we heard that the district for Utah and Idaho was going to open up. Brian was ecstatic, even though applying meant nothing of a guarantee for us.

After applying and going through lots of interviews Brian met with the VP to interview and discuss his outlook on the posistion.

I can honestly say that it was the longest week of waiting in my entire life.

BUT. . .


I thought this day would never come, and I hope none of you had to see me the last couple of weeks bc I looked like crap. I have had so many happy emotions and have cried so much in joy that my contacts are boycotting my eyes.

Thanks for always saying hi to Brian at the wireless kiosk at costco! He has loved it but will not be there anymore! Instead he will be sharing his time between all the stores in his district.

We thank all of you that haved HOPED for us, kept us in your thoughts and prayers, and helped Brian along with his business development.

We are so appreciative and feel so blessed. This open door offers us so many options and opportunities for our family.

We love you!!!

In enthisiasm we toast to his new job! (glasses clinging)

The Bunkers!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


We just celebrated Ty's Birthday! He turned 22! For me, it was a little weird bc I feel like I am 22 and then I have to remind myself that I am 24 and we are NOT the same age.

Here a couple reasons why i love this kid so dang much!

1. He is SO adventurous! He does things that I would NEVER DO!!! Mainly bc I am a big chicken!!!

2. He knows what is important in life. After Ty got home from his mission, he made it a point to see my grandpa who had just had a stroke a lot. He would go tell him funny stories and make him laugh. A really nice thing to do for someone who sees the inside of the same room all day.

3. His enthusiasm. He gets so excited about the littlest things. A family trait I think, but nonetheless, makes me see him as a little happy kid again.

4. His love for things. Ty loves really deeply and shows it too. He has an album on facebook just for our dog eddie. Purdy cute!

He loves my Bentley lots too! And always lets her kiss him tons!

5. Ty is one of the funniest people I know and is always making me laugh. We were playing a game the other night and we were all laughing so hard we could barely breathe thanks to him!

6. He has always known what is right and served a mission for two years even though it was probably the hardest thing he has ever done. Us seeing him after two years was quite the experiance. We all missed him so much.

7. He is really outgoing and not afraid to make a commotion!

8. He is so dang adorable!!! Don'tcha think!?!?!

8. Ty could wear a bucket around and look good! As he demonstrates wearing this lifejacket from the seventies!

Happy Birthday TY!!!! One year older and wiser too! :) I love you!

Love your Big sis!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Labor Day Weekend. . .

So Labor day is kind of your last holiday of the Summer. Afterwards, it starts to get cold, and chilly at nights and such, so we always try to get some kind of fun outdoor vacation rolling the last time before fall hits!

This year, Brian and I had seperate agendas for our holiday weekend but both had so much fun! I missed him like crazy of course, but it was nice for each of us to get some time with our families!

Here are a couple glimpses of our Vacation (s) !!!

While Brian was in Texas at the BYU game with the Bunker boys doing. . . This!

This. . .

Seeing this . . .

And this. . .

Sleeping here. . .

Watching this. . .

And this. . .

And this!!!

Eating this. . .

And this. . .

And spending time with these fine folk!!! . . .

We were relaxing it up in the grand old province of bear lake doing. . . exactly This!!!

This. . .

Riding this! . . .

This! . . .

And this!!!

Seeing this. . .

Eating this. . .

Finding and holding this. . .

Building this. . .

And getting our daily exercise like this!!! OF course!!!

We both had amazing amounts of fun on our seperate vacations!!!!

But after we felt like THIS!!!! I swear we are getting SO old!!!

I hope your labor day vacations were super fun! Wherever you were!



Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wedding Surprise!!!

What is better than finding something. . . You didn't know you even had!!?!?!

Absolutely Nothing my friends!!!

My lovely friend lori and her cute hubby josh attended our wedding, and they are really awesome at photography!

She emailed me yesterday with all these pictures and I was DELIGHTED!!! To see some fun and memorable pictures from the best day of my life that I never knew I even had was such a TREAT!!!!

I guess they took an entire cd of pictures and they are wonderful! See, I knew they had taken a couple bc they took the one at the top of our blog, but I had no idea of the wonderfulness of the candid pictures!

So for your viewing enjoyment here are a couple of my favorites!!!

Here are my girly shoes and nails. Men have NO IDEA what we go through to get ready for this day. I love that since lori is a girl, she noticed the details!

I am telling brian how hungry I am in this one then he leans in and plants a kiss on my tummy. The photographer then says how cute it is and makes us pose! Hilarious!

I love this picture because when you see a great picture, lots of times you don't think of all the hard work that went into making it so great! That other guy in the picture is our videographer john who also did an incredible job!

I loved my wedding dress. It was the perfect one for me and after I tried it on, I didn't try on any others. This is such a cute profile picture with the lovely tulips.

Not only is my mother beautiful but she is an incredible person. She worked so hard for me and made my entire wedding come together as the perfect day for me. I couldn't have done any of it without her! Even though people never say we look alike, I am really glad that we are very similar in personality!!!!

This is the same setting, just from another angle. I love this picture so much. It is a favorite!

The Photographer loved the green here so he said this would be a good place to take a "serious" picture.

The next thing I knew I was being dipped and kissed! Brian always makes me laugh so hard!

My family in front of the temple after the ceremony. I loved the pink accents. It seems really weird to me that ty wasn't here for this and that he was on his mission in Brazil.

This was right when I had walked out of the temple with brian! I was so happy, and glowing and my cousin Elisha was one of the first people I hugged! I love this picture. . . it captures my personality so perfectly. . .

I was smelling my boquet the whole day because I love roses. I must have been laughing when she took this!

My uncle had this brilliant idea to stand on the fountain at the temple. The only problem is that it wasn't turned on! He made a phone call to a friend and they turned it on for us! The fountain made the prettiest pictures and I love this black and white one by lori, because we are looking away from the camera. I also love how my veil was blowing!

This picture was when my funny uncle asked me if I loved my "new" husband! I put my arm around brian and said you bet I do!

Your wedding seems like the shortest day of your life but we were really tired. We sat down to take a rest here and in the meantime got some cute pics out of it!

I had to get up on this wall for some cute pictures and boy was it tough with my million pound dress!

This picture and the one at the top of our blog have to be the cutest pictures on the face of the planet! I love how it looks like blowing wind and how happy we are!

Trying to get "into position" for the picture above!

I don't remember where I was or what I was doing, but I like it!

I love this picture too. It is so beautiful.

My incredible friends. I don't think you will find a prettier bunch of ladies anywhere! I am so lucky to have them, and for their support on my wedding day. I also just noticed that I am the only blondie too! random i know . . .

Thank you Lori and Josh for your Friendship, Talents, Love, and for taking part in our special day! We sure do love you!!!

Thanks for the Surprise!!!!

Love The Bunkers . . .
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