Thursday, June 30, 2011

{ Erin + Travis }

This week my cousin Travis got engaged to the adorable Erin!  We are so tickled for them and can't wait to have her join our family!  She already fits in SO well!  Congrats lovebirds. xoxo.

Guess { who }

Guess who just drove home from Oregon, a little richer and never wants to do summer sales again cause he missed his family so dang much!?!?! 


Haha!  I was waiting for the perfect moment to use this picture. Love you Ty!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Dreaming of this place today. ..

Nan and Pop, fathers day bbq

We are so glad Nan and Pop could come out for a fathers day barbecue. Mom prepared an exceptionally delicious dinner and we ate out on the patio in the perfect weather.  We love you guys so much!

Bentley and the bee sting

While on our nightly walk this week suddenly we heard a buzz and Bentley took off like she had seen a ghost.  She was obviously hurt so we carried her home and then laid her on the kitchen table under a bright light to inspect the damage.

I was lucky to find the stinger and pull it out before it could hurt her any more.  But I am telling you, it was pretty tough to find a stinger on a little paw the size of a nickle covered in fur.

She has been whiny the last few days but I think she is starting to feel better.  Poor girl. 

Cupcake run with Courty

Cakewalk bakery downtown SLC.  It is a vegan cupcake shop with gluten free cupcakes.  We discovered this after we had eaten a few already.  You would never know.  They are scrumptious. 

Summer flowers

Ich liebe mein vatti's!

For all you non German folks :) That means I LOVE my fathers!

Happy Fathers Day to men worth celebrating!!! You mean the world to me and I can't imagine my life without you and your wisdom in it.

Thanks for all the advice, service, laughs, hugs, interest, love, and care in our lives!

Nan on the swings

Friday, June 17, 2011


I am involved in an exciting new project that I think you will like.  It is a new fashion and beauty website for Utah.  You can see it at WWW.UTAHFASHIONANDBEAUTY.COM

I will like you if you go and see it.

I will love you if you follow it and like it on facebook.

I will be freaking ecstatic if you tell your friends about it too!

Just kidding, I obviously adore you anyways, but I would really like to hear what you think.  

We will be posting spotlights, fashion advice, how to's, giveaways, sales alerts, local deals and steals, featuring shops and lots more!

I am so excited about this possible new chapter in my life and the possibilities! Thanks a million! xoxo.

{ Meditation }

I can't think of a better place to go think and sort out life's mysteries.

{ Little } ones

Look what we spotted on our bike ride in garden city.  Aren't they precious?  I wanted to run snuggle one but I don't think the mom would have liked that too much.  I got hissed at for getting a little close to snap some pictures.  

All of us sat on the banks and watched them for a good 20 minutes.  It was bliss to watch the parents take care of their little ones and watch the babies playfully jump into the harbor.

I am so glad I was raised to appreciate the small and precious things in life and to appreciate natural beauty in the world. I enjoy it so much.

{ Napping } runs in the family

I know. But I couldn't resist snapping this pic.  I swear sunday naps are one of the best things in life, and it is nice to have someone to share them with.

{ Birthday } Girl

My birthday was incredible this year.  Not in the big blown out of proportion kind of way, but in the feeling content with my life, happy, and realizing more what is important kind of way.

I always thought I would freak out a little getting older every year, and a do a little, but I am finding just the opposite out.  I am in the very exact place I should be doing the exact things I am doing.  I find it hard to believe sometimes that my life will just continue to progress and I will become more and more happy as the years go by.

I have this friend who is incredible at writing in her journal, { you know who you are chick :}, and she is always inspiring me do keep one.  Well over the last year I have kept better journaling habits than any other year and I am amazed how much my thoughts and actions have grown just in one short year of time. 

It is an incredible thing to look back on things { you } have written and see yourself change.  I finally get what she is talking about and I love it.

Thanks to all of you for the bundles of phonecalls, texts, emails, birthday cards in the mail, presents on the porch, facebook wishes, and love over the years.  I am truly blessed to have so many special people in my life and I know my life is better because you are in it.

The week ended with a new summer dress, some twinkly vintage earrings, red velvet cake, homemade cafe rio salads, walks on the beach and lots of good times.

I am soooo ready for 26... bring it on :)

{ Bike } ride

Brian and I have become quite the avid bikers lately. We took my parents along for the ride and saw some incredible scenery.

They have the most amazing bike trail along the road in Garden city and it is only 10 miles.  It was the perfect ride on the perfect day.  Not too hot or cold.

{ Candy buttons }

 The other day I was just getting ready to get in the shower when I heard the doorbell ring.  I figured it was UPS or someone so I ignored it.  

Then the doorbell rang again, and again, and again, and again.  

By this point I was running to grab a robe and get the door.  When I opened it, it was a little girl in our neighborhood with her hands behind her back. 

I asked her if something was wrong and she just smiled and pulled out some button candy from behind her back and handed it to me.  

"I know you really really like these misses bunker so while I was at the dollar store I saw them and thought about you and got them for you with my own money."  

I about teared up right there on my porch in my robe!

I think noticing the details about someone is what makes all the difference.  I am so impressed she has learned such a valuable skill at such a young age and that she spent her allowance on candy for me! She is too adorable.

I can't wait to get her back :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

{ Lake walking }

Over memorial weekend at the cabin it was so rainy and cold that the moment it wasn't anymore we were all itching to get out of the cabin.  

We took a walk down to the beach and it was lovely.  But we did notice one SMALL thing.  The rain has caused the lake to rise a good lateral 6 feet.  For those of you that do not know lake talk :) that is { really really } something!  

We tried to find the place on the beach that Brian proposed to me but it is covered up with water. haha!  The rangers estimate it will go up another 6 feet which means we might have no beach at all this year.  I love having a beach but I will take whatever I can get! 

One thing that hasn't changed though is how beautiful it is up there.  My goodness.  I can believe it is a real place sometimes. The family had a great time exploring the area, looking for wildlife and running around in the dirt :)

It was so good to be up there for the first time in 9 months.  Now if we can only get some sunshine up there I will be as happy as a clam.
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