Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Mormon Battalion

While we were in California, Brandon and Brooke, the in-laws :), said we should go to the part of old town San Diego where they have the exhibit for the Mormon battalion.

I will be honest, I really didn't know what the Mormon battalion was so I was excited to find out. Brandon also mentioned that there was some Bunker family history in the Mormon battalion so we were excited to learn more!

The exhibit is really well done and the tour takes you around and shows you different experiences that the Battalion went through.

Basically the battalion was created because the United States needed more soldiers for the war. The President promised the saints that if they helped in the fight they would receive money and food for the saints still traveling across the wilderness. It seemed like a good trade but a dangerous one at that!

The saints made it to California and the battalion ended up not having to fight in the war at all. God had protected them for making the sacrifice to enlist. It is a pretty incredible story, and one that brought a lot of emotions to the surface for me :)

I forget sometimes that there is family history on the Bunker side. Family history that I don't know that is so important! It is neat to learn about it so someday I can teach our little ones.

After the presentation the tour guide said that we could look up members of the battalion on the computer system they had.

We did and found Brian's great great great Grandfather Edward Bunker! It was a really special moment for us to click on his bio and learn lots more about him! I will never forget it :)

I laughed because he was 5'10" and had blond hair and blue eyes! Just like my Brian!

Out back they had an area where you could do some things the saints did back then. We decided to pan for gold and struck it RICH!!!

Ok well not really! But it was super fun anyways!

I know I always recommend stuff, but I seriously do if you are ever going to be in San Diego! It was really neat and maybe you'll stumble onto some history of your own :)


Mel and Paul said...

That's cool Linds! My cousin Shelbie Kennington just got her mission call to that exact mission!

ren said...

Linds! How are you beautiful girl? Nick and I spent almost an hour last night getting caught up on all of your traveling adventures! It looks like you have been having a ton of fun! The underground tour of Seattle looks amazing! We would love to do that! Anyway, where are you living now? We moved back to Sandy, from Logan, so we would love to get together with you guys some time!! Let me know if you're interested :) love ya!

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