Friday, October 15, 2010

Air and Sea. . .

In Seattle Brian wanted to see the air museum and I wanted to see the aquarium so we did both! The aquarium is right on the pier and is beautiful!

We had lots of fun! It was a quick thing to do, it only took a few hours. They had lots of sea creatures you could touch!

I was a big chicken but Brian did it!

We would have gotten more pictures but my camera died.

We watched the seals forever! They were so cute and I wanted to snuggle them!

We didn't know that the air museum was outside the city limits and we had a very expensive cab ride getting there! It was quite the adventure!

We took lots of picture for my dad cause he used to work for Boeing! It was a cool museum too!

The whole museum was a warehouse with tons of airplanes hanging from the ceilings!

They have the first airplane and the latest and greatest!

Brian always wanted to be a pilot growing up so this was especially fun for him. Can't you tell? Look at that cute grin!

We went outside for the last part of the exhibit to see the concord and air force one!

It was pretty cool to see where so many Presidents have flown different destinations!

They had some cool space exhibits too!

This is my favorite picture of the day!

We seriously laughed for five minutes when we saw how good it turned out. Brian fills my life with so much laughter and happiness! He is the best and I adore him completely!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

{ The underground adventure }

We didn't do lots of research before we went to Seattle, but something that everyone was really happy to recommend was doing the "Seattle Underground Tour."

Here's the deal on the tour and why it exists. Before Seattle was an established city, they built it without knowing about the tides and the sea level. Seattle is below sea level which means it can flood easily and it did.

So instead of moving to higher ground, they built their new city on top of the existing city. Thus raising the buildings out of danger of the water and raising their buildings above sea level. That's how the underground was created.

Our tour guide told us that so many people that live in Seattle do not know the true history of it and don't know these underground tunnels of the old city exist. Mysterious and spooky. . . right up my alley.

To prove that he did a little experiment. When the new city was built, they constructed skylights of colored glass so that the tunnels below have some natural light.

We took some pictures above it. . .

And below it. . .

He turned off all the lights below and has us scream to see if anyone above us noticed!

The entrance to the tunnels just looked like the basement. Once you got down these stairs, you had to go down another staircase underground.

And this is what you saw when you got down to the bottom of the tunnels!

We also wandered through this tunnel and he told all of us not to talk as we walked through it. After we had passed through it he asked us if all of our cameras worked and if we had felt anything.
Turns out that part is supposedly haunted and people have felt and seen things happen. Not us!

There were so many old parts of the city down there. There were old abandoned pieces of furniture, bathrooms, toilets, and building equipment.

There were also old signs from landmarks.

He told us too that we would have many more tunnels to explore and much more history of early Seattle life, if more buildings would excavate their basements. He said many did not because of the high cost and no need for additional space. It makes you think what else there is under it all!

One room that he told us used to be a parlor back in the day, had pretty walls and paint. I can't imagine what it would be like to create such a lovely room only to have it flooded!

The underground was an awesome adventure. If you are ever in seattle do this. You will have a jolly good time.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good food and company :)

I think it is safe to say that while in Seattle we ate REALLY WELL!!!

Brian's favorite place was called The Crab Pot, and it was recommended everywhere we went! You wouldn't believe the masses of food! I think the last time I ate that much was at thanksgiving! haha!

Then one morning we went back to a crepe shop at pikes for breakfast!

Brian ordered a banana hazelnut chocolate crepe dish and I had salmon dill and cream one. Both were to die for!

Dang, I think I am hungry right now!
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