Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bentley { After } The Holiday Weekend

Scenes from the Fourth { 4th }

Photos by Erin Tramel

{ Mud Brothers }

Taken: July 4th, 2011
Time: Dusk, after four wheeling all day
Location: Patio in front of bath house
Reaction: Mud is the new black :)

{ Sparkle Sparkle }

The lovely and talented Erin { my lucky lucky cousin's fiance } took these incredible pictures of us at the lake this weekend.  They are so fun.  I have always wanted to learn how to do this and now I know!  I am totally framing these and putting them in the cabin. 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

{ Hiking } we will go!

Brian and I got called to Scouts a few months back.  It has definitely been a change for us, but a welcome one at that with all the energy and laughs these boys provide week after week.  

I will be honest, I was sort of terrified about being put in scouts because I don't really have the slightest idea about boys, what they like, or anything scouty for that matter.   

Turns out it isn't as hard as I thought!  Our boys like to be active, I like to be active, they like to eat yummy treats and so do I, they like to learn new things and I do too!  

This week we needed to go on a day hike for one of them to receive his arrow of light award.  Brian and I planned to take them together but last minute he had to do something for work so I was left to take them alone.

I have been on many hikes in my lifetime but this one was truly different.  I loved hiking behind them hearing them experience everything and laughing at jokes along the way.  I think my favorite part was being asked a serious question about nature every five minutes and all their young faces seriously believing I knew the answer. Bless their little hearts.
One hiker warned us about a rattlesnake they had seen { miles } ahead, so around every turn the boys thought they heard rattlesnakes and would run down the trail together.  I was left breathless from laughing almost every time I saw them takeoff after "hearing" a rattle.

It was a fantastic day with beautiful scenery and lots of good times.
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