Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You know your sick when. . .

You can identify six different animal shapes in your ceiling right above your head. You know your really sick when you give the animal shapes names. You know your morbidly sick when you think you seriously saw one of them move and call your husband in from the other room to confirm it hasn't!

My body hates me. It has given me nothing but pain for almost an entire year. If I could I would surgically remove my problem organs and all it's friends myself.

My brain loves me though. It has allowed me to pass out a couple times where the pain gets too unbearable.

My nurse is insane. She thinks it is all in my head. I am seriously contemplating the fortune cookie trick in "freaky friday" just to prove her wrong.
My doctor is very smart and nice. He has put me through a series of tests to prove his love for me as a patient. (However, to his credit, I know he is taking every measure to try and find out what is wrong.) DEFINITON: Barium, Noun. "White thick liquid that looks like a milkshake but tastes a blend of dirty shredded socks, dandelion liquid, ground up chalk, and licking the metal bars at the gym. Purpose is used for CT scans and to induce vomiting. Not to be wished on one's worst enemy.

My only joy in this entire experiance is my increased time snuggled in bed with Brian watching movies and the Office which I love. "Our balls are in your court, Bears Beats, Battlestar Gallactica." Priceless. . .

Maybe that explains the hallucinations on the ceiling.

hmm. . .

Tomorrow is my latest test. I really hope they find out what is going on. . .

Cross your fingers and wish me luck!



Friday, April 10, 2009

Update in a Nutshell. . .

First of all,

I have realized that you can't help negative feelings, emotions, and interactions, but you can help how you deal with things and how you respond and act. I love this quote. . .

"As you take the normal opportunities of your daily life and create something of beauty and helpfulness, you improve not only the world around you but also the world within you. Happiness is your heritage." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf. . . Finding Joy

We celebrate our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY in exactly one month from today! Yeah baby! We will be going to California for a much needed VACA!!!

I just LOVE having my blood drawn! I mean, where else can you pass out twice, get free orange juice then throw it up, and almost faint walking to your car? LOVE IT!!!! :)

I am so blessed to have been such a big part of the day my best friend has her baby. It was really spiritual for me to be able to wait for little Avery to come from heaven! Congratulations mel, you are an inspiration to me, and will be an incredible mom!

Girls! I am excited for our Fancy Nancy party this week!

Also :( Brian just applied for a position in Irvine and Orange County, California. . .

Here we go again folks. . . .

Friday, April 3, 2009

My April FOOLS day disaster :)

So I have always loved April fools day as a kid. My mom knew how much I loved it too, so she would always know it was april fools before me, so as to expect what it was I was concocting!

Anyways, being a GROWNUP and all, I decided this year it would be fun to just trick her a little to see what her reaction would be. I guess this is because I was so bored and had nothing better to do.

So I got out my cell phone, and sent a text to her that said. "So Um. . . . I'm prego mommy." I waited like thirty seconds and send a second one that said, "Gotcha, April Fools!" Nothing happens for five minutes. I am waiting by the phone for her and nothing.

All of a sudden my phone lights up and I answer to hear its mom IN TEARS about how excited she is to be a grandma and how I will make the best mom and how I found out and when I knew, and if I think it will look like me or brian. . . etc.

Right about now, I was looking for the nearest cliff to jump off, or the nearest window to jump out. I couldn't believe she BELIEVED ME!!!! Didn't she know what day it was!?!?!?! Here is our little conversation. . .

"Well mom, uh. . . Do you know what day it is?"

"No dear, should I? Is today a special day? Other than the fact that your expecting!?!?!?"

"Well mom, its the first day in April and well. . . . I. . . . . "




"Linds is there something you want to tell me? sniff sniff. . . "

"Uh, did you get my text mom?"

"Yes! I did, I was so excited I called you the minute I got out of my meeting!

"Yeah, about that. . . Did you get both of my texts?"

"I just looked. No, just the one."

"Hmm, well. . . .


"Well Mom, I am the most horrible person. I told you I was pregant as an april fools joke, and now I feel absolutely awful about it. I really do, I didn't mean to trick you. I swear I promise mom, I feel so bad."

"I see. . . sigh. . . So let me get this straight, You are NOT pregnant?"

"Clears throat. . . Um . . . No. I am not pregnant."

"Well ok then. I guess will talk to you later. . . Its too bad, I was really excited and now I just kind of feel let down :("

How do you top a disaster like that? I don't think you can. I have learned my lesson, I will never pull a prank like that again.

Ty rewarded me later by letting me believe he won Brit tickets on the radio, vip and that he was going to let me and court take them. I was so excited I couldn't believe it.

I guess I deserved it

Happy April. . .

I guess that is why they call it FOOLS day. . .

P.s. Don't rely on technology to deliver any message. Especially when you need it to most!
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