Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wedding Surprise!!!

What is better than finding something. . . You didn't know you even had!!?!?!

Absolutely Nothing my friends!!!

My lovely friend lori and her cute hubby josh attended our wedding, and they are really awesome at photography!

She emailed me yesterday with all these pictures and I was DELIGHTED!!! To see some fun and memorable pictures from the best day of my life that I never knew I even had was such a TREAT!!!!

I guess they took an entire cd of pictures and they are wonderful! See, I knew they had taken a couple bc they took the one at the top of our blog, but I had no idea of the wonderfulness of the candid pictures!

So for your viewing enjoyment here are a couple of my favorites!!!

Here are my girly shoes and nails. Men have NO IDEA what we go through to get ready for this day. I love that since lori is a girl, she noticed the details!

I am telling brian how hungry I am in this one then he leans in and plants a kiss on my tummy. The photographer then says how cute it is and makes us pose! Hilarious!

I love this picture because when you see a great picture, lots of times you don't think of all the hard work that went into making it so great! That other guy in the picture is our videographer john who also did an incredible job!

I loved my wedding dress. It was the perfect one for me and after I tried it on, I didn't try on any others. This is such a cute profile picture with the lovely tulips.

Not only is my mother beautiful but she is an incredible person. She worked so hard for me and made my entire wedding come together as the perfect day for me. I couldn't have done any of it without her! Even though people never say we look alike, I am really glad that we are very similar in personality!!!!

This is the same setting, just from another angle. I love this picture so much. It is a favorite!

The Photographer loved the green here so he said this would be a good place to take a "serious" picture.

The next thing I knew I was being dipped and kissed! Brian always makes me laugh so hard!

My family in front of the temple after the ceremony. I loved the pink accents. It seems really weird to me that ty wasn't here for this and that he was on his mission in Brazil.

This was right when I had walked out of the temple with brian! I was so happy, and glowing and my cousin Elisha was one of the first people I hugged! I love this picture. . . it captures my personality so perfectly. . .

I was smelling my boquet the whole day because I love roses. I must have been laughing when she took this!

My uncle had this brilliant idea to stand on the fountain at the temple. The only problem is that it wasn't turned on! He made a phone call to a friend and they turned it on for us! The fountain made the prettiest pictures and I love this black and white one by lori, because we are looking away from the camera. I also love how my veil was blowing!

This picture was when my funny uncle asked me if I loved my "new" husband! I put my arm around brian and said you bet I do!

Your wedding seems like the shortest day of your life but we were really tired. We sat down to take a rest here and in the meantime got some cute pics out of it!

I had to get up on this wall for some cute pictures and boy was it tough with my million pound dress!

This picture and the one at the top of our blog have to be the cutest pictures on the face of the planet! I love how it looks like blowing wind and how happy we are!

Trying to get "into position" for the picture above!

I don't remember where I was or what I was doing, but I like it!

I love this picture too. It is so beautiful.

My incredible friends. I don't think you will find a prettier bunch of ladies anywhere! I am so lucky to have them, and for their support on my wedding day. I also just noticed that I am the only blondie too! random i know . . .

Thank you Lori and Josh for your Friendship, Talents, Love, and for taking part in our special day! We sure do love you!!!

Thanks for the Surprise!!!!

Love The Bunkers . . .


LoriAlbrecht said...

You are welcome. I'm really sorry it took me so long to share them with you! You were such a gorgeous bride!! :) You both look so happy! :)

michaelandjade said...

What a great surprise! Love the pictures! I love looking back at my wedding pictures too even though it was over 2 years ago!

Melanie & Paul said...

I LOVE when you find things you didn't think you had! Especially something as great as wedding pictures! They were so cute Linds! I love ya!

Kerstin & Jed said...

Lindsay! I'm so glad I found your blog through Mels! You are a beautiful bride!!! I am so happy for you and brian! You make the cutest couple!

Dowland Fam said...

So fun! It is fun to look through wedding pictures and relive the day. . . but like you said you do get tired!

Matt and Melanie said...

Ugh. I'm still so mad that I couldn't be there. Dang Korea!!!! You looked absolutely beautiful honey!

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