Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Boom Boom POW!!!

My dad has always loved guns, and when I married Brian he was so excited to have a shooting buddy! We brought up our guns to Bear Lake for some shooting fun! They dragged Court and I along with them and we ended up having a really awesome time!

A couple years ago, Brian won this huge stuffed Homer Simpson at Lagoon. It has just been sitting in our basement so he decided that he would bring him out for a little fun!

Little did Homer know what he was really in for!

He was fun for target practice and after we all had a shot at him, he was Homer no more :)

Brian got a new gun, his baby, a Mossberg 500 tactical, so he was all smiles shooting that!

Court and I found lots of bottles and targets to shoot at, so we set them up!

I decided that I like shooting a handgun better. A shotgun feels like your being punched in the shoulder and I got a bruise after doing it like twice!

Court decided that she liked the handgun better too! Plus we feel so JAMES BOND with it!!!

Moral of the story, now that I know how to use a gun, I feel tough so don't cross me! lol. . . !

Love and Bullets!


Friday, July 17, 2009

Float my Boat. . .

Today at the Lake was our big boating day! Bear lake weather can be extremely unpredictable at times so when it is sunny you need to be ready in a second to go!

We were hurrying to get lathered up with sunblock and change into our kini's when Mandi, the littlest of us, started to complain. SHE HATES SUNBLOCK :( so we tried to make it fun . . .

Who knows if she thought it was funny. . . or just that we have issues :). . .

Eddie was feeling under the weather so grandma was rocking him and singing him. I know right?!?! Who gets THAT kind of treatment! Those poochies are sooo spoiled!

At the Good ol' Bear Lake harbor launchin' the boat!

We were all SO tickled that the weather was so nice! Courty catchin some rays!

Eddie was loving the sun too. . . .

. . . But little Bentley was not!

She was making us laugh so hard!!! She kept finding these little crevaces to squeeze into to try to get warm.

She finally settled between my leg and the boat seat!

Brian wakeboarding! He is really good at it and these pictures of mine do not do his talent justice at ALL!!!

We were a little weary to get in the water too bc it is a tad chilly, but my dad knows that the easiest way is to just jump in!

Isn't he such a studly father?!?!? :)

Elisha getting ready to "take the plunge!"

I love jenessa's face here! She really is such a character and I am so glad she was able to come!

We also have this tradition that the person holding the flag is called the flag fag. I think we invented this before we even all knew what that word meant! It is not meant in any other way, or to be disrespectful, But it has stuck, nonetheless.

There are three types of flag fag. . .

1. The "Macho" and serious face!

2. The "Excited to be at bear lake" face!


She is the one that makes you WANT to hold the flag because it looks so fabulous, doesn't it?!!

Yes, tubing is a sport :)

Isn't this a cute picture? Elisha, Bentley, Brian, Eddie, and Jenessa!

Court and Lee are showing that they are strong enough to survive Uncle Stevie's ride of doom!

The water was nice, but after a long day of water, it was time to come in for some sun worship :)

The dogs are thinking if you drop me I will bite your butt!!!

Out of all that there is to do up at bear lake my favorite thing is to just lay out! The girls were really excited to get a tan!

Tada! Are we tan yet?

And I know it's funny but I love the first sunburn of the season. It just feels SO good to me! This burn on my chest though was NOT on purpose! I still feel it!

YAY! This fourth was incredibly awesome! I hope yours was great as well!

Much love and sunshine!


4th Festivities

For the Fourth of July we traditionally headed up to Bear Lake for some fun of all sorts!

As soon as we got there though, it looked like a storm was coming so the girls and I decided to take a walk on the beach!!! (check out that sky!!!)

Storms at bear lake are INCREDIBLE and watching them from the beach is even more awesome!
Our cute FOOT picture! Me, Court, Ness, Mandi, and Lee! I sure love these girls! <3

I love jenessa in this one! She looks like newsie! Too funny!

We also found a random beached sailboat so we decided on a photo op!

We barely made it back to the cabin before it started to rain!!!

More to come. . . .


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

For my cell phone loving husband. . .

HAHAHAHAHA :) Love you!

I couldn't resist, because not only does Brian work in the wireless industry, but it is his hobby too! I loved this when I saw it bc it is so true!!!


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