Monday, February 28, 2011

Feelings of Washington D.C.

I have dreamed of coming to this place my whole life and I am so happy that because Brian worked so hard at his job, I was able to see it all. We loved the culture, and the beautiful history on display. We loved that reminder to always be thankful we live here. I love that the whole city is centered around statehood and government. I love that everywhere you travel in the city, you can see the monuments. I love that D.C. is so reminiscent of the past. I love the old houses, the Georgian feel towards everything. I loved it all.

Road block

One stop on the bus tour was a look at the Vice Presidents house. It was big with lots of security.

As we were sitting there waiting to turn a bunch of cops blocked the whole road off and waited.

Fifteen minutes went by and we saw an entourage of black suvs. Inside was the Vice President himself returning home for the night.

I thought it was pretty cool but I guess road blocks are just a part of every day life for D.C. folk.

As soon as the cars next to us saw the police section off the road, they put their cars into park and pulled out a book to wait it out! It's hilarious how some things are totally normal in different places.

{ Beautiful }D.C.

These images are some of my favorite memories of D.C. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to this beautiful place. It is so historic, so beautiful, so diverse and so stately.

Travel buddies

Whenever we go on these recognition trips we have been lucky to see lots of the same faces each time. These dear people have become such great friends of ours and we enjoy seeing them so much! Since this trip one couple has gotten engaged, one couple promoted to a different area, one couple just had a baby, and one couple gets married in April. We love you guys!

The white house

Double decker

A first for us and unbelievably fun. This double decker bus we took around town takes you to 68 different historical places in 3 hours and is by far the best way we have ever traveled around town.

Our lincoln memorial experiance

We were enjoying absolutely everything about the Lincoln memorial until a tourist asked if she could take our picture for us. It was a nice gesture so I handed her our camera and she had snapped a couple pics when it happened. Our poor camera fell onto the hard marble floor of the Lincoln memorial. It all happened so fast that I literally had no idea what was happening. Before I knew it we were rushing over trying to quiet her down and stop her profanities :) We tried to assure her that a broken camera was no big deal and that a camera was completely replaceable.

As we walked away our camera started to choke and rattle a little and actually turned on! Now when we try to use it sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It is fine by us though because we have been wanting to replace it for some time. I laugh a little every time I see these pictures because they are the last perfect pictures we ever took with that camera. It is never the way I expected to remember the Lincoln memorial but I can't help it. That experience is forever en grained on my brain.

Cathedral in D.C.

Washington monument

I loved everything about this. I loved how you could see it from far away, I loved that it was surrounded by flags, and I loved how fulfilling it was to see it in person.

National capitol

Can I just say that this place is so much bigger in person? I had NO idea. Stunning too.

Treat time

Taken: November 25th 2010
Time: Lunch time of course!
Location: Potbelly's eatery, Washington D.C.
Reaction: Could a milkshake get ANY cuter?

A day at the museum

I am SO into museums it is not even funny! We were lucky to spend a few hours at the Smithsonian natural museum of history while in D.C. and I was like a kid in a candy store. I told Brian someday we will come back just for the museums because there are 12 different Smithsonian museums. I want to see it all!
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