Monday, May 24, 2010

25 on 25

Hello Friends!!!

I know I have been pretty bad at blogging lately :( But I have great excuses I promise :) You will all just have to wait to hear what I have been working on!

But I won't be around tomorrow to blog about this especially important life event so here it goes. . .


I am 25 years old on May 25th! So it is my golden birthday! That is either today, or tomorrow depending on when all you are reading this :)

I know this only happens once in a lifetime so I am living it up! And for your reading pleasure here are 25 facts about me and what I have learned for my 25th birthday on the 25th! I know, I am too much sometimes :)

My mom has always asked us on each birthday what we have noticed about turning one year older so I guess it is just habit now!

1. The older I have gotten, the more I realize I have so many more things to do before I leave this earth. I am working so hard on becoming my best self but there is still so much further to go!

2. No matter how old I get, I will still love pink, shopping, glitter, pageants, dancing, fashion, chocolate, kissing :) , friends, makeup, and movie nights!

3. I never thought I would feel REALLY ready to have children, but by George! I feel it!

4. In my last 25 years I have really truly defined what it means to be happy. Really happy.

5. Growing older has taught me lots of things. One thing I have really loved learning is who I am. It is a beautiful thing to really know yourself and love it.

6. I love the phase of my life that I am in right now. I swear being married, doing yard-work every Saturday, walking our dog late at night, doing laundry and seeing Brian's cute mission shirts, snuggling and laughing hysterically multiple times a day, eating dinner by candlelight in our "own" kitchen, having our own garden and house to cultivate, is the happiest and most fulfilled I have ever been.

7. I don't regret anything that has happened to me in my life anymore. I used to but then I took a good hard look and realized that everything I love in my life came from those trials. Now when I am going through something really tough, I know I will be blessed with something amazing if I can make it through it!

8. I have always have had so many dreams for myself. Careers, business ventures, personal goals, creative ideas, and they have seemed so unattainable at times. But for the first time, I have started some and surprised myself at my capabilities to actually do them!

9. When I was little I wanted to grow up to be superwoman. . . I still feel the same :)

10. Now more than ever, I believe in living in the moment. Experience has taught me that memories are priceless!

11. Money goes, and it goes quick! Even when you are really smart about not using it! :}

12. As I get older, I have seen more lines blur. I don't really catagorize people and places and things anymore.

13. I have always liked to dwell around good things. But as I have aged, I now find it impossible to be around anything otherwise. I don't waste my time on it either like I used to for fear of judgment and I don't feel bad about it. I don't feel bad for not listening to people that are not good for me, that don't uplift me and make me better. It has never been easier to choose then now.

14. I have really realized how fragile life is and how quickly it can slip through your fingers.

15. Stilettos are becoming less and less comfortable and less and less functional, but does that keep me from wearing them?!?! HECK NO!!!!

16. Watching loved ones make crucial decisions in their lives is pretty much my breaking point. Being older and knowing the importance of choosing wisely now, it is really hard to watch people struggle.

17. People will always see you differently than you see yourself in the mirror, but what matters is that you are happy with your reflection.

18. I have realized who my real friends are as I have gotten older and they are so special to me. They are the ones who call and ask how I have been through all of my health problems in the last year, and the ones who send cookies, make me dinner, text, email me, and send notes in the mail. I am loved and I am so blessed and grateful to be surrounded by these amazing women!

19. I love working and have always thought of a job as a way to make money. Now as I age, I am focusing more changing jobs, and being paid to do what I love. It is not an easy change to make, but will be well worth it in the end.

20. I have accepted that there are things I am talented at and things I will never be good at and I am ok with it.

21. My relationships with family members have gotten much more meaningful in the last few years. I love choosing to spend time with them and learn more and new things.

22. I learned I am old enough to save for retirement and was momentarily freaked out! LOL!!!

23. The older I am, the more my parents become my hero's. I have no idea how they do it all so I am watching closely.

24. I have learned that I will be much more happy and feel WAY better if I keep eating right and exercising every SINGLE day.

25. I have learned that aging doesn't freak me out anymore. I used to not want to get older and have to go through some of life's different stages, but I know how important progression is now.

I love all of you so much! Thanks in advance for all your sweet birthday wishes and comments. I am so happy and truly blessed to know you!

Love and birthday cake!

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