Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blogging? Who blogs?

Ok, so the most popular topic lately at the office, and with my friends is blogging. . . I thought it was a joke and so I laughed and then realized they were serious. Good thing they didn't find out how clueless I was! Most recently too, everyone I know is like, Linds, do you have a blog? Send me the link! So I give in! I am blogging!

About me and us!
My amazing husband Brian and I have been married for almost 5 months! I know, I know, its not a long time but just you wait! We live in a beautiful house in centerville and it has been so fun starting this new journey together!

I love life with him with all of my heart and he makes me happier than anyone on this earth! Brian is so talented and is currently using his talents to finish school and do sales. I love my job and do a variety of things for a media company. My exciting work day consists of accounting, sales, marketing, orders, and phone calls! Yippee!!

Stay tuned, pics to come, and welcome to our blog!
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