Tuesday, June 25, 2013

8 month old professional pictures!

Today we went and got Brody's 8 month photos done.  Here are just a few of our favorite shots, but lets be honest. . . they are really ALL my favorites! :)

 It was quite the experience for our little guy and he didn't like the bright lights and flashing camera.  After I thought about it I remembered that the last time we had his pictures taken he was a newborn and asleep for 90% of it.  We were worried they wouldn't turn out because he just wasn't having it today.

As we were going through the disk we both pointed to a picture and said, "This one is my favorite! No this one is! No this one! This one!" I swear they all turned out just perfect.  We couldn't get enough of his beautiful little face that is ours to kiss and love forever.

By the end of the shoot we were all exhausted.  Him from trying to smile for the camera and us from dancing like chickens, doing spirit fingers, and singing disney songs to get those smiles.

But when I look at these pictures it was all worth it! :)
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