Friday, July 16, 2010

He has done it again folks! . . .

My amazingly talented husband (toot toot :) has done it again! We were really privileged to visit New York in the fall, on his company's dime, and now we get to go to this amazing city in a couple weeks!

Am I excited?! YOU BETCHA!!!

I have only driven through Seattle and never gotten a chance to experience it! So this will be something new and exciting!

I am also really thankful that he works for a company that rewards hardworking employees like they do! It is really nice to hear him say how much he loves his job!

I will post all about it when we return!

Also, have any of you been there? What are the best and "funnest" things to do!?!



Happy Birthday Pooch!

This little animal of ours turned two yesterday! We sure love having her in our family! She brings lots of joy, laughter and smiles into our house! We can't wait for her to be best friends to our kiddies someday!

Loves to snug!

Loves Friends!

Loves toys!

Loves to run!

Loves begging for treats! LOL. . .

Happy Birthday Bentley!
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