Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Beginning to look ALOT like CHRISTMAS!!!

So for Christmas this year I wanted to give out thoughtful gifts, and I wanted to develop a new talent. Since my new job, and being married and such, I haven't had tons of time for new talents so that was my goal.

In october I started googling lots of different options and when I saw the idea for decorated sugar cubes I was hooked! I made eight dishes of homemade sugar cubes for all the women in the office and they turned out amazing!

I even painted some of them with sugar paint so they are all edible! But in my opinion, they are too cute to snarf!!

My family is German so we have the tradition of putting up nutcrackers and so that was fun for me to find little places for them to sit!

I also had to decorate our house from scratch and so for me I thought it would also be fun to make all the ornaments for our tree.

I made a ceramic fleurdylise ornament then painted it with different layers to make it look cuter. . .
I am really into damask so that was the theme for the tree, I made a lot of different damask ornaments in the shape of circles, hearts, snowmen, etc. I would totally recommend making your own ornaments, it gives the tree such a personal touch!

I even sanded little wooden B's for BUNKER!!!!!

Bentley is always interested in what I am doing and she watches me closely. . . hoping for a treat I think.

Until it becomes boring!

Then she hits her bed! Smart girl! She learned from the best!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dog Drama. . .

Last night seemed like the perfect night to stay home and do nothing. We had both gotten home for the night and the snow was coming down faster then I have ever seen it come. We had a show on in the basement and I was wrapping presents when we heard a crunch.

To our horror we looked over to see Bentley chewing on a Christmas ornament. She had eaten the top off of a glass ball ornament and had already started chewing up the glass in her mouth and swallowing it!

We grabbed her, opened her mouth and saw nothing. So Brian called the vet and they suggested we bring her down right away in fear of a torn esophagus or the possibility of ripping a hole in her stomach.

I have never seen Brian drive that fast, or look so worried, and I have never panicked so much either! She was gagging the whole way there and the ride seemed like it would never end.

After a long night sitting in the pet hospital, our doctor concluded that she had swallowed glass but that she had ground it so small with her teeth that it was not seen as a threat. As a precautionary step, we were sent home with a dog laxative! I know right?

Anyways, 90 bucks and no sleep later, we finally went to bed. Thankful that our dog was ok and that she was going to be fine.

This never would have happened if Bentley knew to LOOK at ornaments, and not EAT them, (I say sarcastically bc it will never happen.) She is just like a baby. A one pound furry baby...

Sleepily yours!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Did someone say. . . Twilight!!!!

So there aren't very many things I am obsessed with. . .
Brians smell, decorating, Bentley after bathtime, pink anything, purses, juicy sweats, my primary class, bear lake, beaches, sunshine, new carpet, new lipstick, anything damask, hugs, caramel apple cider from starbucks, fresh laundry, sleeping in, hip hop dancing, sobe life water, kickboxing, chanel, chicken tikka, german cooking at christmas,

but my newest obsession is TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!

Ok, have you read the books! Seen the movie! SO GOOD! I loved the books so much more, but the movie was really fun to see how a team of people interpreted the book into a movie!

The last time I had an obsession this bad, it was johnny depp in pirates! And that was a bad obsession, let me tell you!

Brian can just roll his eyes for now! BC I LOVE IT!!!

Service and Neighbors

Todays shout out goes to our sweet neighbors across the street. . .

So let me tell you something so funny about myself. My friends and I have this inside joke that all someone has to do to make me happy is smile at me. I am a girl of very simple pleasures and the tiniest things make me happy. I think i got it from my mom, she is the same way.

So on sunday morning we slept in, we had a really late night before, lots of friends over to watch the new Batman til three am, its brians new favorite movie. . .

And so sunday morning I was so thankful our church starts at one, we slept in til eleven. When we had gone to bed it was snowing pretty hard, and so just as we had woke up, we realized we were gonna have to bundle up and then shovel away til church started.

Once we bundled up we walked outside to see our driveway perfectly plowed with tracks. Our neighbor across the street had gotten his four wheeler with a plow attached and had driven over to do ours!

You know those moments that you are so touched that you feel like crying? I know, its so cliche' but i seriously felt like that! I am such a softie, It made me so happy! We don't even own a decent snow shovel yet!

Tonight, I am going to 'attempt' to make something yummy for him and his family. They are not members of the church and they show so much kindness to us. And out of all the people I have met in our new ward, they are the most caring of us newlyweds in the neighborhood and they will occasionally take out our trash on trash day if we forget, or rake up our leaves, etc. They even helped me break into our house during the summer when I locked myself out! I am thankful for them and for helping us out, as we are 'new' at life and still trying to figure everything out!

I hope you have the chance to be this for someone who needs it, or who ever is doing it for you, thank them profusely. It is more then just a shovel job, it is service and love.

10 days til christmas! Can you even stand it!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Grown Up Christmas List

So this year, everything that I have ever known to be christmas is significantly different.
Being Married totally changes your perspective on life and material things and what it really means to be happy. Since this is such a huge thing for me, I wanted to share it with all of you.

First off. . . I love Christmas because it means giving to others and if there is one thing I am a sucker for, its buying and giving way too many presents. I also like getting presents bc it is the time of year that I don't feel guilty for asking for things that I want and don't need.
This all started when my mom and mom in law, started asking me what I wanted for christmas. For the life of me, I couldn't tell them anything. Had you asked me last year, I could have given you a bevy of things to choose from. But later that night really thinking about my grown up christmas list, here is what I am thankful for not only at Christmas but all year long.

First, I am thankful for my lord and savior Jesus Christ and for all the faith he has in me. I am not by any means a perfect being, and nor is it easy to try to be one. But he is the reason I live, love and have hope for a bright future and I love him for everything he has generously blessed me with.
I am thankful for my country. I cannot imagine living anywhere else, and especially anywhere else where I wouldn't have my freedom. I can never repay the debt of those who made it free for me. I always want this priviledge. . .

My life and soulmate Brian. . .
I have never loved or cared for someone so much, or wanted to, for that matter. . . He is the greatest thing to ever happen to me and I can't wait for our many years to come.
He makes me such a better person, and he is my partner in life. For Christmas, I want to be with him, next to a fire, with some hot chocolate, snuggling away!

My Family is so priceless to me, and I will always be grateful that I have them.

My dad is so protective of me, and I love feeling like Daddy's little girl at 23 years old. He still looks and smiles at me like I am seven.

My mom would do anything for me any time at any price. She is the ultimate giver in my life and a wonderful example for my mothering future. She is also my biggest Cheerleader!

My little sister Court is so genuine and kind hearted and is one of the biggest advocates in my life. I love how she values my opinion so much that she doesn't make an important decision until she has called me first. This includes purchasing a pair of shoes :)

This is Elisha, left, and Courty, right, at the temple for my wedding, both so young and beautiful.

Ty is finally home from his mission and I will never let him roam far again. I love his dedication to his mission and for how diligently he served his two years. I love that he wants to spend all his time with us now and that he missed us. He is a smart man and I cannot wait to see what his life will produce.
Along the lines of family, I am thankful for the Bunkers. What a blessing to have inherited such a celestial family. They are kind and christlike and so caring. I remember the first time I met them, I was barely dating Brian, and they made me feel so good about my life and wanted to know all about me. That night when I went home I cried in happiness to my mom about how great it would be to have them as inlaws. That wish came true!!!! :)

I am thankful for my friends. They are such good examples to me and love me for lindsay! No matter where life takes all of us I know we will always have that special bond.

I am thankful for our little Bentley and for all that she brings to our family. She has taught me so much about unselfishness and has given me a good idea of what our children will be like. And no matter how many times she pees on our linens or chews our tree ornaments and shoes I will always love her and her huge personality.

In a time where money is tight and life is more difficult I am thankful for our stability. Brian and I live in the most beautiful house, paid for by his hardworking, and more than comfortable and spacious for the three of us. I am thankful that we aren't among those who cannot afford their mortgage, and although life for us is tight, we are blessed and making ends meet.

I am thankful that I have a job. In the past I have moaned and groaned bc it is not my dream job and Its not where I thought I would be. But with all the layoffs and downsizing in our country. I am thankful I have a decent income to help support our household.
I am so thankful that it is Christmas and for all of you. . .

Merry Christmas and I hope your Christmas Wishes come true!!!

one cookie two cookie three cookie more!!!!

So the newest greatest thing i have done this season is go to colleens cookie exchange!

Wow! Cookies Galore!

I decided to make my homemade divinity and it was good!

So were all of the other cookies at the party! We brought six dozen and got to take home 72 of the most delicious cookies you have ever seen!

Colleen has the most incredible house ever! It reminds me of a boutique with adorable decorations that smells like apples and cinammon! I know you know what I am talking about. I couldn't stop looking around at it!

She went to so much work for all of us to be able to have a great time! Colleen is one of those ladies that is just so awesome! She is so talented at so many things, and she makes you always want to be around her. I am a secret admirer of hers. . . well I guess it is not so secret anymore!!!!

This is my favorite cutest picture of Colleen and her bubbly hubby Randy.

Anyways here are some fun pictures of her cookie party, the first festive event of my Christmas season!
Us girls are insane together! To much fun in one room!

Happy Holidays and Happy Baking to you all!

Tale of the Berries. . .

Good Morning to All!

Wow, I can't believe it has been since halloween since I last posted something. I guess that is what happens when you are as busy as me.

Our thanksgiving was so much fun! We decided to spend it at the bunkers house, my inlaws, with a whole housefull of guests! It was awesome. Karen, brians mom, assigned me to bring homemade cranberry sauce to dinner, and with three ingredients i thought that it wouldn't be possible to screw it up. Well was I wrong!

Turns out I bought my cranberries at costco, and had six times as many cranberries as I needed. So I made the recipe with only one cup of sugar for six billion cranberries.

You can imagine how it turned out. Bitter and nasty! So I added two more cups of sugar, and let it refridgerate overnight, bc some of the sugar is supposed to sink in. The next morning I swear it had gotten more sour! So I added the last of my sugar, four whopping cups! Definately not the cranberry sauce for diabetics!

But I guess it was ok because i got no complaints, and a couple complements. Next year I think I will opt to bring rolls or something!

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