Saturday, April 27, 2013

Six months already!?!


Brody is six months now and has even more tricks up his tiny sleeve.  Here is what he is doing these days. . .

Sitting up!  He still needs a pillow behind him because when he gets really excited he falls over! Ha!

Laughing like crazy and boy what a laugh!  I live for that giggly boy!

Sleeping a little better.  I still hope for the day he sleeps through the night without waking up constantly.  Darn that reflux.

Spending tons of time on his tummy now!

Reaches for anything and everything.  If it is near him watch out!  He will find a way to get it.

Saying how much he loves his bouncer is an understatement.

Recognizes all his favorite faces and grins so big every time he sees someone he loves.

Has started "kissing" us!  He grabs your face and yells and attempts to slobber and suck on it.  Pretty adorable.

Lives for eating and napping and playing with the pooch!

Dropped into the 80's for weight and still in the 90's for height.  He wears mostly 12 month clothing with the occasional 18 month outfit too.  He is one tall big boy!

Started solids and eats like a champ!

I swear he does something new every day.  It is so exciting to see him learn new things and notice the world around him but at the same time it makes me so sad too.  He will never be this little again, so I am trying my best to remember to love it all, and take millions of pictures.

Happy half birthday little one!
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