Friday, March 23, 2012

Beautiful St. George

Dunes 2012

Blue Angels air show spectacular

Last weekend we traveled to down to St. George with the Bunkers for an airshow featuring the Blue Angels.

It was amazing to watch the precision of them flying through the air and watching them fly so close without bumping into each other.  The formations were incredible and I had always heard how neat it was, but watching them in person was truly an experience.

We heard from someone that in order to stay conscious the whole time during the flight that they needed to do different breathing techniques and keep their body flexed and rigid to avoid passing out. I couldn't believe the talent those pilots had.  It was impressive!

They even had a wing walker there and the whole time I was nervous holding my breath she wouldn't fall.  You couldn't pay me to walk out on the wings of an airplane while it was up in the air!

The temperature was perfect but it got a little bit windy near the end. The little ones had gotten tired and so had we so decided to head out.  As we started to leave a huge dust storm caught us and everyone else by surprise. It was definitely an adventure and we had such a good time.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An especially { Green } lunch

We took Nan downtown to enjoy everything green for a special St. Patty's day lunch last week.  The Lion house is always enticing so there we went!

We almost died laughing when someone tried to "pinch" Nan for not wearing green.  She then told everyone that since her last name is Green that means she doesn't need to wear the color! Oh my goodness it was hilarious :)
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