Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Arizona Anyone? NOT ME!!!!

Disclaimer. . . The purpose of this entry is to vent, and to vent only. Any other interpretation of this entry is prohibited!

Ok, so you know when you get a phone call from the husband and all he says, is so. . . I have some news...? It can't be good.

Brian says that he has been eying a promotion for some time now and that there could be a possiblity. But the promotion is in arizona. . . Arizona?!?!?!?! What the crap?!?!?!?!!?!? I hate arizona, I do not have good memories of it and there are no mountains for heavens sake?!

Supposedly he got a phone call today to fly to arizona and interview for this position and that he has a fairly good chance of getting it.

Half of me wants to scream and run and shout no and form a bear hug stance around something heavy and immovable inside our house and whine.

The other half of me wants to recognize that even though this is not my dream, it is brians dream and that I would go anywhere he wanted me to, if it meant getting to spend my life with him.

So here is what I have come up with. . .


1. Ok, I guess they DO have a chanel and a sephora there. . . and other fun stores to keep my distracted.
2. Hot, no cold
3. A chance to start a new adventure.
4. Make new friends
5. More money, better job
6. Lay out at the pool more than one month out of the year.
7. Learn to rely on just Brian
8. Be able to say I have LIVED OUT OF STATE.
9. Brian deserves it, he is so talented and hardworking.

1. Moving away from home is scary
2. No family
3. No friends
4. No salt lake city to look at every day on the way home from work.
5. Moving. . . sucks
6. Finding a new job
7. Learning to find my way around a new state
8. Arizona is brown not green :(
9. No mountains, or seasons for that matter.

I really can't think of any more. No surprise there are the same amount of cons and pros, but I feel like the pros are stronger then the cons. Not more important! Just stronger. hmm. . .

I guess this is one of those decisions that no matter how many times you weigh the pros and cons, you can only really decide with prayer and faith. . .

My friend just told me that maybe we are meant to be in arizona and that if it is supposed to happen, it may be hard, but it is the right thing. . .

Someone also once told me that "Advice is something you already know but don't want to hear."

I guess I will end on that. Still not knowing what to do or how to feel...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chris Farley Lovers

Oh My Gosh! I was laughing so hard when I saw this I couldn't breathe!

The 3 New Years Tag from Breckann. . . I told you I would do it Breck!

Okay, so tags are usually such a waste of time for me. I can guarantee no one cares what my favorite flavor of ice cream is or my favorite number. Useless information right? But this is actually a pretty good one. It has made me reflect on my life and where I currently stand. So don't read this post unless you want to know about the fabulous life of yours truly. . .

Ahem. . . question numero uno!

3 things on your to do list this year!

1. Publish my stupid book already! Who knew writing and publishing would really take 3 long arduous years!
2. Land my dream job and start my MBA. I think this will be my toughest feat yet! Stay tuned.
3. Be in the best shape of my life! Also a pretty tough one. But so far so good! I wish chocolate had legs so that it would just run away from me every time I reached for it! Actually, thats kind of creepy, nevermind.

3 things you would do if you suddenly became a billionaire!

1. Build my dream home. . with a million bedrooms. I have realized living away from home that my greatest joy is in the people that I love. I would love to have a place for everyone to stay and I bet they would all come visit if they had a place to stay.
2. Set up a non-profit organization, restart my clothing line, do charity work, become a multi-entrepeneur. You know? Do all the things you never had money or time for.
3. Take everyone I know on a vacation. I think everyone deserves a day to lay on the beach with no cares and sunshine. Oh and a server that delivers non stop pina coladas! Keep em comin rico!

3 of your bad habits

1. Shopping. nuff said.
2. Dancing around the house. This is bad because it is paired with clumsiness and lets just say I have sustained more than one injury because of it.
3. Voicing my opinion. I was raised to speak my mind, and everytime I see an injustice I speak to it. Maybe this year silence will be a virtue. Or if not silence, careful selection.

3 of your good habits

1. Drinking water. I love drinking water!
2. Talking to myself in the mirror. Nothing like a good pep talk from the person that knows you best!
3. Dreaming of my successes in the future. For some reason I have always been a dreamer.

3 things people don't know about me.

1. I am much softer inside than I appear to be. Sometimes a hard exterior seems like a smart way to not get hurt. But I don't think it is worth it.
2. I would choose to be hurt, rather than hurt someone I love.
3. My greatest joys are simple silly things.

3 impulsive things you recently did

1. Buy a dog.
2. Dye my hair back blonde.
3. Remodel my bathroom and master bedroom.

3 people pet peeves

1. cocky people. It just takes one hard fall on your face to realize how stupid it is to think your above everyone else.
2. People who think they are entitled to something in life. No. . . you don't deserve something for doing nothing. Its pretty funny to think that someone really thinks this way.
3. Carelessness. You are not the only one living on this planet so don't act like it!

You can tell that I can get pretty worked up on these! ooops!

3 people admirations

1. People who serve others just because it is the right thing to do. I love seeing this first hand.
2. People who don't drive 50 in the fast lane. I love you!
3. That each person is beautiful in their own way. I really do believe in this and I love people who treat others this way too.

3 people you admire

1. Anyone who has done better with their life with the situations they were dealt.
2. Anyone who is a good mom. You can see the results of good moms and boy is it important!
3. Anyone with a disability.

3 happiest memories

1. Walking into the temple the morning of my wedding.
2. Dixie. I love St. George and Dixie was freaking awesome!
3. Anytime I have ever been at bear lake with my cousins.

Where were you 3 years ago?

Kind of sad and confused about my life. 2006 was a really tough year for me and one where I had to make some really tough life decisions. The good news is I made the right choices that have led me to the wonderful life I lead now. I would never choose to relive those times but going through them was a blessing in disguise.

Where will you be in 3 years?

A mama! Not sure exactly. I hope to have children in three years, finished with school. Living in Utah still with my lover! And happy. That is really my only wish for the future. Happiness!

Who are you going to tag with this!?!

I would actually really like to hear what anyone would say to these questions.

I tag everyone!



Friday, January 2, 2009

Just Call Me Evelyn. . .

Ok so if there is something I CANNOT RESIST, it is sharing a funny story. . .

So at my office building we have other companies here other than us, so we don't know everyone that works here, obviously. . .

So one day long ago I was washing my hands in the ladies room, when this cute short, old lady comes in. She introduces herself as Trudie and I of course introduce myself as Lindsay and we start talking. Well Trudie has such a sweet heart that I love running into her. She is also very elegant to me. Sort of the old hollywood elegant. I also swear she is too old to work anywhere, so I don't know where she comes from. . .

Everytime I see her she throws her little arms around me and tells me she loves me, or I look lovely today, but she always calls me Evelyn with such emotion. I am too amused to tell her that she has my name wrong. But she knows me so well, that correcting her, I am afraid would make her feel quite foolish. And I think making and old lady feel foolish is pretty high up on the sin list!

Well, Trudie and I have developed quite the little office building friendship. For Christmas she brought me a beautiful silver angel ornament and addressed it to "My Beautiful Evelyn." I am happy to be her Evelyn, even though I have no idea where she got that name or why she calls me that!

May your days be full of friends who cherish you for who you are, not the details!

chuckle, chuckle. . .


For daddy. . .

Happy Birthday Dad! I love you mucho! My family is hilarious and so for my dads birthday my aunt, my dads sister, made him this awesome card! I guess at bear lake this last summer he made an ugly face, and they took a picture of it, blew it up, and turned it into a card! I KNOW RIGHT? HILARIOUS!!!

Anyways daddy, this post is for you. Thanks so much for all of the many things you do for me and for always being the best example.

One memory will always be so special to me is when I tried out for that dance team and my spirits were really low, and I didn't think I would make it. You wrote me a really special note and left it on my steering wheel in my car saying how much you believed in me and how I could do anything I put my mind to.

I went into that audition with you on my mind and when I made it, I cried bc of the realization of how well you knew me, and how you knew just how to inspire me that day and help me do my best. Thank you for your words of wisdom and for the genuine ways of inspiration. I look forward to this coming year. . .

Thanks for not only being my dad, but for being my best friend. . . I love you
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