Wednesday, November 18, 2009

{ Halloween makeover }

I have always loved makeup and dressing up and costumes. This year since I didn't dress up for halloween night I decided to put all my efforts into Ty and Court and their costumes.

Court decided to be the infamous "Harley Quinn" from the Batman Comics. Here is the picture we had to work with.

Court located a costume from her friends little brother and it looked awesome!

But we decided that the makeup seemed a tad dark so we changed her lipstick to red, and put on some amazingly huge eyelashes to create her look! Plus tons of facepaint in black and white!

Pretty cool huh? Even dressed as a psychotic lady clown she is still beautiful! I love her overdrawn red lips! She looks glamourous!

For Ty's costume I could have shot him. He decided the NIGHT BEFORE that he wanted to be Captain Jack Sparrow.

Since I LOVE the Jack Sparrow Costume, I knew it wasn't going to be easy to re-create, especially with our limited time schedule.

Oh and also, he worked the entire day, so it was up to me to find the costume without spending a gazillion dollars!

I braided some of my old hair extensions and added beads, we got him some clothes, he borrowed Brians boots and we had his costume.


After LAYERS of bronzer, black and brown eyeliner, brown eyeshadow, concealer, and a fake moustache we have a rendition of the deppster!

Pretty good eh? I wish I could take ALL the credit, but he does have a similar bone structure that made it pretty manageable to fake! I was excited with the end result and so was Ty!

He kept looking in the mirror saying, "WOW, it looks SO real!!!"

Here is a full body! I loved his costume!

And apparently he was the hit of the party.

Thanks kiddies for letting me help you get ready for halloween this year! It was super fun. But next time I will be requiring a tad more notice :) . . . whew!

I sure do love you two hooligans.


Dowland Fam said...

They look awesome Linds! Perhaps you could help us coordinate family picture outfits! I may be calling you!

Seth and Shayla said...

oh my goodness you hit it dead on I love it very impressed

Launi said...

Ooooh--great costumes! Holy cow--that guy looks just like Captain Jack...who I'm completely in love with. Nice work!

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