Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!

I know the title sounds a tad self aware, but hey! What other day can you actually say that and act that way! I rest my case :)

My 24th Birthday was awesome! Since it was on Memorial day this year, we all headed up to Bear Lake for a fun filled weekend!!!

Here are some pics and such from My Birthday weekend!

The weather this weekend was pretty stormy and rainy! So we ended up playing tons of games!

Here is the gang playing spoons! We had 9 people in the circle! That is the biggest game of spoons I have ever played!

Court, Mandy, and Gabie!!!!

Ness, Me and Daddy!

Tassia, Ty, and Brian!

It started to get a little wild and crazy!!! We all couldn't stop laughing!!!

Ty doing a "typical" siebenhaar thing. We are an EXTREMELY funny family! He kind of looks like a martian!

The next day we were really lucky and got to go Four wheeling and we had seven machines so there was one for each of us! It was too fun and the trail was beautiful!!!

This was up in the canyons at bear lake!

Ty and Tass! Strike a pose!

Ride Em! Birthday Girl!

My Baby unloading the bikes!!!

The parentals. Mom and Dad look like parents but act like kids! jk. But it is possible they are the cutest parents ever!

Court is ready for our adventure!

Not quite sure what I was doing here but we all laughed at this picture because it is so ugly, so I had to do the right thing and share it with all of you!

Court stylin as usual. . .

We went through areas that were dark and foresty! There was even times that there was a whole bunch of snow. It was pretty cold!

And areas where it was warm and sunny and no snow. It was a beautiful trail! We had such a blast on this trail and after we were up there all day we realized that there were so many more trails we would like to explore! We will have to do this again. . .

Here is my Birthday cake! Yellow cake with rainbow chip frosting! YUM!

This picture 24 is up-side-down but I think you get the idea! 24 candles for 24 years!

And then Brian gave me my birthday present! A university of utah workout suit and AMAZING tickets to taylor swift!

Not only were they tickets but we got exclusive backstage access to hang out with taylor and her mom! It was an incredible experiance! I will post about that in a few days!

Overall it was a fantastic birthday!

With all my loved ones!

Tassia and Gabrielle, Thanks for coming!

We missed you Grandma, Ron, Lish-Fish, Ryrie, JD, Abbie-Normal, Linda, Trav, Gramps, and Denny! Hope you can come next time!

And we will miss you too Bear Lake. . . . . Until next time. . .


Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Courty!!!

My little sister Courtney turned the big 18 yesterday! I can't believe it! She is the baby of the family and now she is an adult! I am having a teeny panic attack that she is growing up!

She is such an amazing person for a number of reasons and here are some pics and captions to help illustrate how fabulous she really is! (If you can't tell I am a really proud sister!)

Courtney is one of the funniest people I know! She is constantly making everyone around her laugh! One of the reasons she is so funny is because she is totally herself and doesn't care if anyone else knows it!

She has silly obsessions just like me! But how can you NOT have the hots for johnny and edward! Shes loves new socks, Billie Joe of Greenday, Coldstone, Beenies, vans, peace signs, green, music, guitars, and millions of other things!

Court is the best friend anyone could have. She geniunelly cares about people and if you are her friend you know it! She is kind, and loving and is the person to randomly call or text just to see how your day is going! No wonder she is so loved by so many!

Courtney could wear a trashbag out in public and rock it! She has this awesome style that she wears so perfectly! I would never be able to pull off half of the things that she can! YOU GO GIRL!!!

Court will always choose family over anything else. She is so family oriented and is the best sister I know! Sometimes I feel like she should have been the older one because of how smart she is with advice and how to handle things! Talk about one mature 18 year old! (this is her and ty in the car, except ty looks a tad scarecrow-ish :)

Since I can remember courty loves to snuggle :) She is always giving out hugs and love! Here she is giving a little bit of snugs to my baby bentley!

Along with her style, she has the most amazing personality! She is seriously a rock star and anyone who spends two seconds with her knows it! She is super fun, outgoing and loves having a great time!

Court takes pride in everything she does. She is so good at her job and describes it as her dream job! She loves animals and works with them! I have no doubt they all love her too!

She is so talented! Here is her and her friend in seattle for a band trip! She has such a beautiful voice and sings like an angel! I really think that she has the talent to go really far in life!

She is INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS!!!! She is one of those girls that hears it all the time but doesn't really believe it. I wish she knew! . . . I would trade her bodies! I swear she is perfect!

Happy Birthday Courty! You are so incredible to me! I love your Beautiful face! Here is to another year of awesome things for you!

Love your sis!

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