Tuesday, May 17, 2011

{ Beautiful } park city

Some more of my favorite sights from our anniversary trip to park city. It was a { lovely } night and rained a bit. That was fine with us because it gave us the excuse to light the fireplace in our hotel room. We don't have a fireplace at home so whenever we get the chance to use one we take it!

We decided we need to head up there again soon and take a day to walk all the old main street shops. They have vintage galore and I was in heaven.

Monday, May 16, 2011

{ 3 year anniversary getaway }

Brian surprised me by taking us up to Park city for our { 3 } anniversary. I like the way we do our anniversaries, it is kind of fun. Brian plans the odd years and I do the even ones. So far he has out done me a little but I don't mind :)

We had dinner at an { amazing } steakhouse called Ruth's Chris. The food was incredibly delicious and as always we ate it all up! I swear it was the best steak I have ever had. I am already craving another one but I have a feeling it will be a while before we get to go there again.

I { seriously } can't believe three years has come and gone. We had so much fun together just being alone, with no cell phones, hooray!, and getting to talk and laugh about all our memories together over the years.

I am really glad we ended up together and that my life has ended up where it currently is. I genuinely wouldn't change a thing, and he is a huge part of that. I hope the next bunch of years don't go as quick, but I guess time flies when your having fun. . .

Thanks for the fabulous weekend love. I kinda wish every day was our anniversary so I could have you all to myself :)

{ Saturday morning }

{ Sidewalk messages }

This was a perfect way to start off our weekend. Thanks to our adorable niece. We love you too!

Friday, May 6, 2011

{ Cinco de cupcake }

Cinco means five right? So that means I can have five cupcakes? Thought so :)

{ Birthday curry }

This little tot just turned the big 20! I can hardly believe my eyes how quickly she has grown up! And no longer a teenager!

I took her out to lunch for her birthday and what do you think she wanted to eat?! CURRY!!! Oh it makes me laugh how we have rubbed off on everyone our Indian ways of eating! Haha! It was delightful to say the least and we had a riot.

I adore you so much Courty! I hope your 20th year is incredible! You are too special to put into words.xoxo

{ A typical weekend }

This weekend we were supposed to spend with the Bunkers, but they were off to Canada, so we headed out to siebville for the weekend. It was the perfect kind of weekend, with nothing really important to do, and we enjoyed the heck out of it.

Highlights included a nap on the back lawn in the sunshine, imported food shopping at Pirate O's in Draper, mini horse watching at the farm, and thrifting for vintage spring dresses.

Seriously nothing could have been more perfect. I love the laid back feel of weekends. It is beginning to feel like summer my friends :)

{ Off to Oregon }

This boy is off to Oregon for a few months to do summer sales. We already miss him like crazy and totally feel the void he has left in our home. I hope he makes tons of cash so that it is worth it! We miss you Ty!
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