Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Empire State. . .

Out of the many things in New York I wanted to do, I really wanted to look off the top of the Empire State Building. I hear it is taller than you can imagine and incredible views!

Once we were in front of it, I looked up at it and it didn't look that tall to me, so I wondered how much taller it was than all the other buildings! You will see that in a minute!

Here is the lobby and a mural on the wall that I thought was neat.

We were lucky to buy our tickets from someone outside so we by passed all the lines. Look how many ropes!

There are so many rooms like this, so they fill up different ones, and then empty different ones.

Then you take two elevator rides up and you are there! And it literally takes your breath away!

We got up there right as the sun was setting so it was lovely to see a New York sunset over the buildings!

Look how high!!! The other buildings look short right!!?!? That is what I thought too!

Some foreign guy next to me asked me if I could feel the building sway! What the heck!?!? He said that it swayed about twenty feet in the wind and that if you focused on an object on the ground you would notice it move as the building moved.

Thanks alot borat, now I feel nasious! Honestly the height of the building didn't bother me until that!

Also, these rails had to be installed after people kept jumping off of the building to die :( Sorry about the not so fun fact.

But we had to walk to every side to see all the different views and this is what we saw. . .

Beautiful isn't it!?!

Yeah, we spent quite a bit of time up there looking off the edge. It was just so facinating and I loved it!


The Streets of New York...

So by far the best way to travel around New York is on foot. There are SO many things to see, that if you go any other way you might miss something.

So on foot we went!!!

The first day we decided to hit up the legendary 5th avenue. I know some of you are picturing me scouring the street like a rabid animal, but rest assured that I was able to maintain "some" level of composure :)

The stores were incredible and the decor even more incredible. Those 5th ave shops are designed to sell sell sell!

And this cathedral was just neatly packed in between some business buildings. Crazy!

And also, the shops are prettier than anything you would see here. Everything in NY just has those extra little touches.

See if you can find me! Hint, I am right under the sign of my most favorite store!!!

I LOVE JUICY COUTURE!!! And if you don't, you would have after you went into this store! It was impeccably decorated with gold, hot pink, pastels, and baby pink. And totally my style. It had vintage chaises and frames everywhere and little touches around the store that made it so fun to be in!

Heck! They even had their own custom monogramed carpet! I wanted it! I bet no one would notice if I kifed a square foot do you? It was three stories!

I was really good too! I only bought one yoga jacket.

Here is a little play house in the little girls section that I thought was too cute!

Across the street were cartier and versace. Their window displays were lovely.

The architecture was also something to stare at. They had the most interestingly shaped buildings I have ever seen! And they were all over the place!

Trump Tower. . .

I thought that trump tower was just business real estate but I guess the bottom two floors are filled with fancy shops. Gucci and starbucks could be seen in there from the road. Can you imagine what he charges them?

The illustrious Times Square!

It reminds me of a Vegas on steriods. Everything is lit up and everyone is in a hurry. Also, New York is a huge melting pot. I have never felt like the minority in my whole life until we went to New York. Everyone is a different enthnicity and we expected it a little but not to that extent!

On fifth avenue they had started decorating for the holidays and it was awesome! I can't imagine New York at Christmas!

Of course we hit up the Tiffanys there, it was five stories of amazingness! And Nike was six floors!

Here is Brian in front of Rockafeller Center. He wasn't aware I was taking his picture! Sorry honey!

We walked by the MET and down the theatre district, and down Times Square too. I was so stupid the first two days, and wore high healed boots everwhere! Man those pumps got mileage! But after that I opted for flatter shoes and I can say that is the way to see New York!

(for those of you that are smarter than me and already knew that I don't want to hear it :)

There are some of the most amazing restaurants in New York also, and we were lucky to sample a few. Look at this dessert! Yep, I ate the whole thing. Beautiful presentation too!

I also had my first taxi ride! And it was something else! Those drivers have NO FEAR! So be ready for the ride of your life and remember I warned you :)

We also ate at our first street vendor! It was SO yummy and oh so cheap!

Starbucks was literally my best friend in New York. I was still getting over the symptoms of the flu, so all the hot chocolate and spiced cider made me happy :)

And there was a starbucks on almost every city block and they were always packed!

One day we were lucky enough to go the the spa all paid! We got massages, facials, and reflexology treatments on our feet! It felt really nice after all the walking.

It was at the end of manhattan island at a place called chelsea pier that was literally a pier with boats!

More to come still! Can you believe it!

What a trip!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Phantom of New York. . .

When I heard that we were going to New York, the first thing I said was, "We need to see a broadway show, oooooh! Can we please see Phantom of the Opera! Its my favorite!!!"

I have never seen a "real" show on Broadway before, and I was super stoked!!! So we called around to a MILLION places and finally got the number for the theatre.

There are some things you will need to know when booking a broadway show in New York.

1. Tickets sell out fast!!! I mean fast!!! If you want tickets to anything buy them in ADVANCE. Especially a famous one like phantom.

2. Tickets will cost you more than you have ever spent on any kind of entertainment. Be prepared for the shock.

3. Tickets are totally worth it, and you should try to get the best possible seats you can, for the best price.

The lady on the phone and her huge accent, told me there were two tickets left in price range two. There are four price ranges she says. $300 and Up for a seat for the purple section front half. 250-200 a seat for the purple back half. 150 a seat for the green section, and 100 for the yellow section.

But she says, I only have two tickets left for the yellow section, and two tickets left for the purple back half section.

I couldn't allow myself to spend over $400 on broadway tickets but I really wanted THOSE SEATS!!! I knew from past experiance that we wouldn't be able to see the show THAT well from all the way back there in the yellow seats!!!

I talked to her for a little bit and told her it was our first time at a show, and to New York and that I have waited my whole adult life to see THIS show :) and that we really wanted to have the better seats and asked if she would give us any kind of a discount.

She paused for a minute and said she would knock $90 bucks off each seat for us making our total $250 instead of $400. ALOT BETTER RIGHT!?!?!

So we were happy with our purchase and even happier to see the show in a few days!!!

If you think that is cool, just read on!!!

So we arrived at the theatre which looks like it could be in a strip mall or something. I expected this big establishment like the capitol theatre, or kingsbury hall downtown in utah.

But it is a huge theatre inside that doesn't look huge on the outside!!!

Anyways, we walk inside to get our tickets and the ticket guy looks them up then looks at me, and looks at the computer and back at me for about 1 minute.

By now, I am paranoid that there is some problem and we are not going to get to see the show of my dreams. Why else would he be taking so long!!!

He then asks me if we would like better seats, and that they are available. I think that I don't want to spend more on them so I didn't say anything for a second.

"Do you not want them then?" he says.

"Well I do, I REALLY do, I just can't spend more on them, and it is our first time here, and. . .

He cut me off with a smile and says, " No additional charge, I am just going to upgrade you ok?"

He hands me the tickets, we thank him, and run into the theatre. Our usher took us to the seats and my jaw dropped. We were in the fourth row from the stage DEAD CENTER!!!

If I could have died from a delirium of joy I think I would have!!! He had upgraded us to 700 dollar seats!!!!

Just to give you an idea of our seat travel, here is the Before and After pics!!!

The show was amazing!!! From where we were sitting, I felt like we were in the play. And when the chandelier fell, I felt like it was going to land on my head!!! I loved everything!

The acting was superb,

their voices top notch,

costumes colorful and detailed,

and the scenery changes out of this world!

The whole show I kept hearing gasps from people around us. I guess they were as flabbergasted as us!!!

If you ever go to new york, please see phantom for me, and I guess for yourself! You will enjoy the heck out of it!

I have NO idea why we were so lucky to see the things we were in New York, and to get those tickets and seats, but all I can say is that I will never forget it! I must have gotten butterflies at least a million times that night!

Needless to say, all my cd player has played for the last three weeks is that music. I guess you could say I am on a mild phantom kick...

Love and Opera!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My First Ever Subway Ride!!!

Brian and I were pretty good little travelers while in NY. We walked everywhere! And took a taxi twice. I was adamant about taking the subway at least once since I had never done it before! And I was so excited!!!

We climbed on at grand central, and headed in the direction of times square!

My honey boarding the train! I had to hurry and take this picture bc I was so afraid of it leaving me behind!

Some new york city coppers! lol

The seats on the subway were super cool! So I of course took a picture!

As soon as we sat down, two kids, who couldn't have been older than eight, started to perform on the train!!! I had heard about this from people, and was so excited it was happening right in front of me!

They were doing flips up and down the subway aisles and also breakdancing. It was incredible that they were SO young and had SO much talent!!!

They also kept saying things that were making me laugh so hard.

This kid did this trick and landed on his hands, and said,"Ladies, if your man can't do this, Leave him!!!" And "If your watching, your paying! This ain't a free show!!!" They then collected money in their hats!

All in all, it was exactly what I hoped my first subway ride would be like! It was AWESOME!!!

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