Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekend house guests and good pizza

Court and Nan came up and stayed with us for a few days.  It sure was fun to have visitors and get to show them around our side of town :)

We took them out for pizza at one of our favorite places called Arella.  That is one thing I love about living somewhere new is that you get to discover all the fun little places you wouldn't have ever known about before.  And after living here for 4 years I must say I have a lot of favorite places! :)

The weather was pretty wet so we stayed inside mostly and watched old bonanza reruns with lots of goodies. It sure was a good time and one that I hope happens again.. . very soon. :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter

It was so cute to watch all the kids run around the yard and collect their baskets of eggs.  Holidays have an added measure of sparkle for kids and I love watching it through their eyes. I will never get tired of that :)  And thanks to the special Easter bunny who decorated our yard with eggs!  It was such a fun surprise to come home to! 
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